Good People and snow!

Last week we Georgia folks saw snow! Yes, snow.  Yankees comment on our shutting down everything when even one snowflake falls.  Last year we didn’t shut down and people were stuck in a storm of snow and ice. There had been warnings but a lot of people headed home at the same time and a tad late. Truckers from all over lined the highways and interstates.  School buses full of children spent the night in those buses. Kids spent the night in school, causing outrage for those poos kids and those stupid southerners who didn’t know how to handle snow.  Many good folks proved Southern hospitality still exists and took water to as many stranded motorists as possible. A lot of good came from the bad.

Back to my recent experience. Snow was imminent, according the weather folks and I needed to make a trip to the bank, my Ex husband’s photography studio and tutor later. As I headed toward the bank not 15 minutes away I saw snowflakes and more snowflakes, flurries, actually.   Because temperature was above freezing, I stopped at the bank, only to see the last employee locking the doors to leave. Banks can be impersonal and not so helpful.  Thank goodness this bank isn’t like that.  John T. Martin, the bank president,  who gave me permission to mention his name, went back inside and took my deposit and scared up enough cash to cash a check for me. I do mean scared up the cash, because he looked several places to make sure I got every penny of my change. the bank that cares is Gwinnett Community Bank in Duluth, Georgia.


A new book is coming!

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13 Responses to Good People and snow!

  1. WOOHOO. A new book. I’m glad and it’s time. Sorry about the snow and your problems. It’s been cold even in south Texas.


  2. Josie says:

    Here in SC has also been a couple of weeks of snow, extreme cold, and icy conditions prompting numerous cancellations. Glad to hear about your kindly banker.

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  3. Mona Risk says:

    Oh dear, I feel guilty because today it was 75o in sunny So. Florida and I got to swim in the pool for the first time in three months. God Bless Florida, Paradise on Earth!

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  4. marymarvella says:

    Thanks, Mona. Today we had a high or 63.


  5. So glad you did make it by the photography studio. Love the new cover. Can you tell us about it? We missed the snow and ice in my part of the state, but it rained and rained and rained! Love that cover picture.

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    • marymarvella says:

      You are welcome to do that, or I’ll post as soon as it’s my turn again and the book is ready for Amazon. I will say it’s an anthology of love stories set in a small, fictitious Georgia town called Cupid’s Bow.


  6. Reblogged this on Author M. J. Flournoy and commented:

    Gilded Dragonfly Books has a new anthology coming soon! Love this cover!

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  7. Mary Ricksen says:

    I know it’s crazy, I miss seeing snow. Not six months of it, but…just saying.


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