Book Video for Love for Sale

I used Movie Maker to create a book video for Love For Sale, my sci-fi romance to be released soon by The Wild Rose Press.  Comments Welcome!!!

Then having gotten inspired (and really liking the challenge) I redid the book video for Bianca Swan’s Hot Spanish Nights.  I did 2 versions. Which do you like better?  The one with the Paso Doble music or the one with the classical?



I’d appreciate your input!!

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11 Responses to Book Video for Love for Sale

  1. bethtrissel says:

    I really enjoyed your Love for Sale video and definitely vote for the more up tempo music for the Hot Spanish Nights, option two. 🙂

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  2. Josie says:

    I like the Classical. Loved the video!

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  3. nitethyme says:

    Thanks, Josie. I’m leaning that way. I appreciate your comment.

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  4. Mona Risk says:

    Linda, You are amazing. I love all three!

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  5. Mary Ricksen says:

    Finally figured out how to get to the site. I think these are amazing!!!

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  6. marymarvella says:

    Linda, you keep uncovering new talents! They all rock!


  7. nitethyme says:

    Thanks Mary! Not talent, just Movie Maker. 🙂


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