Tea anyone?

RD TeapotAfternoon tea in England:  Originating from the early 19th century, the concept was said to have been concocted to help combat the ‘sinking feeling’ Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, is said to have had complained about during the afternoons.

Last September I moved to a suburb of Houston and have some wonderful neighbors, something I never had at the condominium complex where I lived in the Medical Center. My neighbor two doors down, another Linda and I were on our way to the volunteer meeting of the Houston Writers Guild last night, and we decided to have a real English tea for our new neighbor Grace. When I moved in Linda hosted a welcome luncheon for me.

Last night when I woke up at 2 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep, I planned the menu. Tea, of course, Earl Grey, and coffee, Costa Rican (my fav), with finger sandwiches:

Salmon and cucumber – Salmon mixed with mayonnaise on soft white bread spread withSalmon & Cucumber butter with thinly sliced cucumber. This may not sound like a delight to some but it is delicious!

And chicken salad for those who don’t feel inclined toward salmon and cucumber.

Deviled eggs (I just bought a tray and need to use it!)

Scones, cream, jelly (Trying to replicate a Devon cream tea–Morgan the hero from Sinners’ Opera is from Devon–will be impossible)

Orange Marmalade

Bisciotti and ladyfingers

Since we’ll hold it at the traditional tea hour of 4, I’m thinking of serving sherry upon arrival. I have enough sherry glasses but don’t have enough place settings of china, so Linda-2 is bringing a couple of sets of her pattern. The teapot is my pattern.

Sound like fun? Wish me well–I’m not the best of cooks!

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10 Responses to Tea anyone?

  1. marymarvella says:

    How delightful! I’ll be there in spirit!


  2. Mary Ricksen says:

    What a nice thing to do!


  3. nitethyme says:

    Thanks Mary. Wish you could be here!


  4. bethtrissel says:

    Lovely post. I always have tea time. Some friends and family come for tea, but mine is in our old farm house kitchen and not fancy.


  5. Josie says:

    Tea time sounds perfect. Am I invited? 🙂


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