Spring Fling Multi-Author Book Giveaway

romantic flower bouquetTo celebrate the first day of spring the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Authors are kicking off this loveliest of seasons with a romance giveaway. Each author is contributing one eBook in kindle or nook book to be awarded to the lucky winner, selected from the visitors who leave us a comment. We’ll announce the recipient of all these books on Monday. Comment away, and welcome to our updated blog. We used to be on Blogger, but recently moved to WordPress.

Below are the books we’re offering, an eclectic mix of romance from  a talented bunch of ladies.

From USA Today bestselling author, Mona Risk, a sweet and humorous romance novel,  her new release, WEDDING SURPRISE:

Monas CoverBlurb: Two weeks before their wedding, Claire and David receive an unexpected announcement that can destroy their relationship. Is their love for each other strong enough to turn the worst wedding surprise into the best?

WEDDING SURPRISE (Holiday Babies Book 4) by Mona Risk



iTunes: http://indi.uno/16YpUf1

B&N: http://indi.uno/1CZOgTr

Bio: USA Today Bestselling Author, Mona Risk, recently received an Outstanding Achiever Award from Affaire de Coeur Magazine. She’s a two time winner of Best Contemporary Romance of the Year from Readers Favorite; a winner of Best Romance Novel of the Year from Preditors & Editors Readers Poll; and an EPIC Award finalist.

Mona Risk’s name has often been posted on the Amazon.com 100

Mona lives in South Florida and has traveled to more than eighty countries on business or vacation. She writes contemporary romances, medical romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal fantasy. Sprinkled with a good dose of humor, her stories are set in the fascinating places she visited or in Florida—her Paradise on Earth.
If you like to travel and love to read, come and enjoy her international romances. Meet the spirited heroines and special heroes who share irresistible chemistry in stories that simmer with emotion. www.monarisk.com

Mona Risk Amazon Page http://tinyurl.com/k5heopb

Deb's CoverNext up, from witty and talented romance author Deb Julienne:



Sex, lies, and beauty aids finally earn the girl next door a little respect.

Sabrina Thompson, editor of Skin Deep Magazine’s successful Natural Beauty Secrets column, is handed the challenge of her life. Take over the Love and Sex column or lose her job.

What does a twenty-four year old virgin know about love or sex when she’s never been on a third date? To complicate matters, there’s a new guy at the helm. Her only crush’s clone is issuing orders. While his pompous and ambitious twin dries out, playboy and ne’er-do-well Trent Wellington must assume his identity and save his family’s flailing magazine. The bright spot amid staff cuts and content restructuring is the plucky editor he once made a fool of himself in front of at a family gathering. Fooling everyone isn’t easy, especially when Sabrina inspires his true self to be more than he ever has.

Years of hearing she’s too nice to date have left Sabrina’s frustration simmering. It boils over when she discovers Trent’s deceit and she vows to make him pay. Getting even has never been so much fun.

CONTENT WARNING: mature language, sexual situations

red lips with lipstickAuthor Bio: While some say truth is stranger than fiction, Deb Julienne’s experience runs more along the lines of a slap-stick comedy…so when life tosses you lemons the only thing to do is to turn it into Limoncello. She resides in her own little bit of heaven in the Sierra Tahoe National Forest Basin, with her husband of 33 years, their three sons and one daughter, and two very precious grandkids.

Amazon Link:

Website: http://www.debjulienne.com

Follow Deb on: Facebook, Twitter: @debjuliennePinterest

red-birds-song-coverAnd now, an award-winning historical romance novel from Author Beth Trissel:


2012 EPIC Ebook Award Finalist

This book touched my soul even as it provided a thrilling fictional escape into a period of history I have always found fascinating. —Night Owl Book Review by Laurie-J

From the Author:

Much of the history and events in Red Bird’s Song and Native American historical romance novel Through the Fire were inspired by accounts I uncovered while researching my English/Scots-Irish ancestors. My fascination with Colonial America, particularly stirring tales of the frontier and the Shawnee Indians, is an early and abiding one. My forebears had interactions with this tribe, including family members taken captive. I have ties to Wicomechee, an outstanding Shawnee warrior who really lived and whose story greatly impacted Red Bird’s Song. I’ve included more on Wicomechee at the end of the novel as a bonus for my readers.

Handsome Native American warriorBLURB:

Can a Scots-Irish woman terrified of warriors fall in love with her Shawnee captor?

Taken captive by a Shawnee war party wasn’t how Charity Edmondson hoped to escape an unwanted marriage. Nor did Shawnee warrior Wicomechee expect to find the treasure promised by his grandfather’s vision in the unpredictable red-headed girl.

George III’s English Red-Coats, unprincipled colonial militia, prejudice and jealousy are not the only enemies Charity and Wicomechee will face before they can hope for a peaceful life. The greatest obstacle to happiness is in their own hearts.

As they struggle through bleak mountains and cold weather, facing wild nature and wilder men, Wicomechee and Charity must learn to trust each other.~


Author Bio: Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia surrounded by my children, grandbabies, and assorted animals. An avid gardener, my love of herbs and heirloom plants figures into my work. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans and the people who journeyed here from far beyond her borders are at the heart of my inspiration. I’m deeply drawn to colonial America and the drama of the American Revolution. In addition to American settings, I also write historical and time travel romances set in the British Isles, and nonfiction about gardening, herbal lore, and country life.


Look for Beth on her BLOG: https://bethtrissel.wordpress.com/  Facebook, TwitterPinterest

dark red rose budAnd now, a fascinating dark paranormal romance novel from award-winning Author Linda Nightingale and SINNER’S OPERA.

‘Poetic and beautiful…sophisticated…rich, tasteful air of sensuality… unique take on the too familiar vampire novel.’ ~ Review



“Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.”  Oscar Wilde


88dbb99f-fd54-4aef-8a4f-a63f47f6891e_zpszzm72u8xMorgan D’Arcy is a classical pianist, an English lord and a vampire.  He has everything except what he desires most—Isabeau.  When she was a child, he appeared to her as the Angel Gabriel, influencing her life and career choice, preparing her to become Lady D’Arcy.  Many forces oppose Morgan’s daring plan—not the least of which is Vampyre law.  A vampire must not sire a child on a mortal.

Isabeau Gervase is a brilliant geneticist engaged to a prominent attorney. Though she no longer believes in angels, she sees a ticket to a Nobel Prize in the genetic puzzle presented by her long-absent childhood friend. She intends to unravel Gabriel’s secrets, using the DNA contained in a lock of his hair and identify the non-human species she named the Angel Genome.

Morgan is ready to come back into Isabeau’s life, but this time as a man—and a vampire—not an angel.  Will he outsmart his enemies, protect his beloved and escape death himself?  For the first time in eternity, the clock is ticking.

The Book Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwsE3PvjFTk

rosesFrom the Author: Sinners’ Opera is the book of my heart.  It is the first book I wrote, and I love the hero.  I’m writing a series starring Morgan.  If you fall in love with him, too, the prequel is Sinners’ Obsession and the prequel is Sinners’ Waltz.  Morgan is also in Cardinal Desires, winner of the Georgia Romance Writers’ Magnolia Award in Mainstream.

AUTHOR BIO: Born in South Carolina, I’ve lived in England, Canada, Miami, Atlanta and Houston. Somewhat of a gypsy, I’ve seen a lot of this country through the window of a truck pulling a horse trailer. I bred, trained and showed Andalusian horses, rode sidesaddle and did musical freestyle exhibitions to Phantom of the Opera. My stallion Bonito, imported from Costa Rica, was twice National Champion at halter. Besides writing, I loves horses, sports cars, books and piano. I am the mother of two wonderful sons.~


From Super Award-Winning Author Barbara Monajem

Barbara has a spanking new romance releaseLady of the Flames (A Most Peculiar Season Book 3) 

8c104e76-b15a-441f-b10e-d1ca0823f610_zpspgm085dhMagic is fraught with peril—but so is love.

Lord Fenimore Trent’s uncanny affinity for knives and other sharp blades led to knife fights, duels, and murderous brawls. Five years ago, he faced a choice: marry Andromeda Gibbons, the woman he loved, or find a safe, peaceful use for his blades by opening a furniture shop—an unacceptable occupation for a man of noble birth. The choice made itself when Andromeda turned to another man. The furniture shop prospered, but now Fen’s partner has been accused of treason. In order to root out the real traitor, he may face another unpalatable choice—to resort to the violent use of his blades once again.

Once upon a time, Andromeda Gibbons believed in magic. That belief faded after her mother’s death and vanished completely when Lord Fenimore, the man she loved, spurned her. Five years later, Andromeda has molded herself into a perfect—and perfectly unhappy—lady. When she overhears her haughty betrothed, the Earl of Slough, plotting treason, she flees into the London night—to Fen, the one man she knows she can trust. But taking refuge with Fen proves to mean far more than getting help—it means learning to believe in love, magic, and the real Andromeda once again.



Rosebud with Water DropletsAuthor Bio:
 Barbara Monajem wrote her first story in third grade about apple tree gnomes. After dabbling in neighborhood musicals and teen melodrama, she published a middle-grade fantasy when her children were young. Now her kids are adults, and she’s writing for grownups. Her Bayou Gavotte series of paranormal mystery and romance takes place near New Orleans and features hereditary vampires, Native American telepathic rock star Constantine Dufray, and other characters with paranormal abilities — because it’s so much fun to explore the unusual. She also writes sexy Regency historical romances with bold, passionate heroes, spirited, adventurous heroines, and the occasional touch of magic. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia, with an ever-shifting population of relatives, friends, and feline strays.~

Follow Barbra on Twitter, visit her website: www.BarbaraMonajem.com

***Barbara is giving away one of her duets: The Magic of His Touch+Bewitched by His Kiss OR Under a Christmas Spell+Under a New Year’s Enchantment OR The Wanton Governess+The Unrepentant Rake. The winner gets to choose which duet she wants.


 From a terrific story teller, Author Mary Marvella: The Gift

The Gift Story Blurb:

On Edna Mae’s 40th birthday she buried her controlling father and lost her virginity in a one night stand with a stranger she never expected to see again. Her life is about to change in more ways than she could have imagined.

Like Cinderella, she had no real life. The world opens for her now that she has no sick parents demanding all of her attention. Finding new friends and a world she thought had passed her by is wonderful, but there’s more!
THE GIFT is story about an old fashioned woman in a modern world, written in an old fashioned way.

Amazon Link   http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00631OX6W

Amazon Author Page

Author Bio: Mary Marvella has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember.  Using her training as a teacher, she now writes stories she must tell, tutors, and edits freelance and for a publisher. She recently became VP for Gilded Dragonfly Books.

romantic picniclinks for Mary Marvella:

Twitter  Mary Marvella@mmarvellab








Moving on to award-winning author Josie Riviera who writes sweet historical romances featuring Roma (Gypsy) heroes and heroines. Her debut novella, SEEKING CATHERINE is set in Tudor England.

Seeking CatherineBlurb:

He’s hurt her in the past. Can she trust her heart to him again? After all, they were childhood sweethearts, planning a future together in Tudor England during an age of chivalry.

Headstrong and proud, Catherine Sudfield remembers everything about Stefan Boswell. She didn’t care about his poverty, his drunken parents, nor his lack of nobility. The restless Gypsy rogue’s powerful good looks and promises of love were more than enough to satisfy her youthful dreams.

But then Stefan left without a word and Catherine was bargained away by her uncle to a brothel.

Sometimes, bonds between a man and a woman, however young, are meant to last a lifetime. But two guarded, wary lovers may need an extra dose of Gypsy magic to chase away any lingering doubts after five long years.~

Amazon Book Link

Visit Josie’s Amazon Author Page

Josie, she and her family are transplanted New Yorkers now living in the sunny Carolinas. You can visit her blog, The Italian Blog, at josieriviera.wordpress.com, or on twitter at @josieriviera, and on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Josie.Riviera


Author M.J. Flournoy hits the ground running in her debut romantic suspense with a paranormal twist: A MATTER OF TRUST.

“Romantic suspense should always be this much fun. Don’t miss this great new series from M.J. Flournoy.” — Anna DeStefano, Amazon bestselling author

A Matter of TrustBlurb: Her paranormal abilities had always caused her grief. But can they save the life of a child who has been spirited away from her parents and the life of the man she loves?

Jolie Wyngate is a middle school teacher with an extraordinary gift—or is it a curse? Throughout her life, she’s been never been sure. Now, when she is implicated in the disappearance of a child, the ultimate value of her powers will be put to the test.

Mac Carlson, former Navy SEAL and security expert, is tasked with rescuing the girl, Rachael Anne. From the moment he meets Jolie, his suspicious and protective nature sets its sights on her as a prime suspect. Can Jolie clear her name and gain this man’s hard-won trust?

More importantly, can she save the girl before time runs out? She won’t be able to do it without her psychic abilities—but Mac has a hard enough time trusting Jolie as it is, let alone trusting her powers to lead them to Rachael Anne.

As Mac and Jolie realize they have no choice but to work as a team—and as they slowly warm to each other in the process—they realize they have a new problem: the man they are after has set his sights on Jolie. Now Jolie will need all of her abilities, and all of Mac’s strength and skill, to stay out of the fiend’s hands and bring Rachael Anne back home.~

A Matter of Trust at Amazon

Book Trailor at: http://youtu.be/dM5jJO9KZCY

M.J. Flournoy writes romantic suspense from central Georgia.





And now, a delightful time travel romance with Author Mary R. Ricksen and her novel,  BURNED INTO TIME

“Know that love is truly timeless.” ~Author  Mary M. Ricksen


 A horrific car accident, a Celtic ring and destiny, send a young woman on a journey to the past. In a desperate search for her lost sister, she follows the instructions and left her in a bank vault from a hundred years ago.

Little did she know the ring would save her life and change it in ways she could never imagine. Does she have the strength to live through her nightmare and find her destiny?

Can she face her sister now that things have changed so drastically? Only time will tell…

Author Bio: Mary Ricksen was born in Burlington, Vermont. Married forever and now living in the heat of Florida, and is spending more time inside then out these days. In order to keep her brains from disappearing when retired, she decided to try to write that book she has planned on for years. The thrill of getting that first book published proved to her that she still had a few brains left. Now slowly trying to build a back list, she is trilled when someone likes one of her books. It means the world to be able to give one person the wonderful escape she gets from reading a story that takes you away, and lets you forget your troubles if only for the length of a book…

Amazon Link  Barnes &Noble Link

Mary’s Amazon Author Page

Follow Mary on Twitter

Apple BlossomsWe hope you enjoyed a look at our selection of stories and learning a little bit about the authors. We look forward to your comments. Please share this post with anyone you think might be interested in joining in the fun.

Happy Spring!


About bethtrissel

Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my human family and furbabies. An avid gardener, my love of herbs and heirloom plants figures into my work. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans, and the people who journeyed here from far beyond her borders are at the heart of my inspiration. I'm especially drawn to colonial America, the American Revolution, and the Civil War. And I love a good ghost story. In addition to historical romance, I also write time travel/time slip, paranormal, YA fantasy romance, and nonfiction. I'm published by The Wild Rose Press and have indie titles. Contact Me: bctrissel@yahoo.com
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