Book Videos and Me

OscarRecently, I started working with Movie Maker to do my own book videos and while they are not Oscar material, it’s quite interesting. I retired over a year ago, and, since I only work part-time for an ad agency writing copy now, I have time to play a little between writing, editing and promoting my books. As I tend to do, I have strayed from the subject–book videos. There are Facebook pages dedicated to book videos, and they are a good way to introduce your novels to readers on your website, in Tweets and Facebook posts, as well as blogs.

I found I actually like the challenge now that I am learning more about the program. I redid my Love For Sale video this week, and did two additional ones–Celestial Sin, an erotic romance, for Bianca Swan and one for Cardinal Desires, my paranormal romance. Here they are. See what you think.

Do you think the Love For Sale video is better? It is considerably shorter.

Thanks for dropping by! and Happy Friday from that Lil Ole Video Maker Moi!

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12 Responses to Book Videos and Me

  1. bethtrissel says:

    Wow, Linda. You are really good at this movie making thing.

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  2. debjulienne says:

    Very cool, what fun…are you giving lessons?

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  3. I’ll try but I’d rather just do the video! I’m not a very good teacher!

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  4. Lizzi Newton says:

    This is something I want to try.


  5. Great videos, Linda. You’re so talented.


  6. Mary Ricksen says:

    Next one you can help me with!!! Amazing Linda!

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