My Once and Present Love…Horses

Gallop_animatedIn what seems like the distant past, I was a semi-professional horsewoman. I bred, trained and showed the magnificent Andalusian horse. I can’t expound enough on the virtues of this breed—they are loyal friends, beautiful, talented, agile (they are the bullfighting horses of Spain!) and even the stallions, though fiery, are docile.

After I sold my soul mate, Bonito, my partner of many years, I bought a pure white stallion named Alegre. Bonito was my first Andalusian stallion and remains king of my heart of horses today, though I loved Alegre dearly. While Bonito and I showed in almost every class in horse shows from dressage to musical freestyle (we did a performance to The phantomPhantom of the Opera) to hunter hack, Alegre and I played. We’d share a beer and a carrot at a small, local horse show or at the Florida Renaissance Festival. We were buddies. He would rear on command and awe his audience.

If I’d been born a century or two ago when horses were a means to an end, I wouldn’t have felt like they were a transport from one point to another. As with cars today, I love the moments of the journey—the power, the speed, the pleasure of being with that spiritual companion or mechanical beast—whilst arriving at the destination.

RearI love horses. The best horse, in my humble opinion, is the Andalusian of Spain or the Lusitano of Portugal—cousins. The Andalusian is a pure breed with ancestors going back millennia in cave paintings. The Lusitano is a blended, but now recognized pure breed. If I was capable of riding 5 horses a day the way I did when I was a young mom and owner of a horse farm, I’d have a palomino Lusitano stallion. But I’ll never forget Bonito. He isn’t with us anymore. I have his ashes in my closet. He wasn’t a character I imagined and fell in love with as I did the hero in my first novel. He was real, and he was wonderful. He was twice national champion at Halter, won several special awards and numerous blue ribbons in all the disciplines of the show ring, including, once upon a time, a Western class where he did the Spanish Walk down the long side of the arena. The judge said, “Nice, but not for a Western class.” I smiled, thanked her, bowed Bonito (not for a Spanish WalkWestern class either) and left the ring at the Spanish Walk.

piaffe palomino

Piaffe by a palomino Lusitano stallion:

cremelloAs the poster for the international association says, “this horse will change your life.” They changed mine…

Happy Friday, everyone — Linda

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10 Responses to My Once and Present Love…Horses

  1. Josie says:

    This is an interesting post and fascinating insight into another facet of your life.

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  2. melbafmoon says:

    A lifelong love affair!

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  3. Ricia says:

    It’s nice to hear you talk about your horses again. I know they meant so very much to you. You are lucky to have found them, the love of your life when you were young enough to appreciate them to their fullest. That kind of love is so special, don’t let it go.

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  4. marymarvella says:

    I remember seeing you work with that lovely horse!

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  5. Linda, I love and admire your passion for horses. And I’m sorry to hear about Bonito. My heart goes out to you. I’ve only ridden a horse a few times and it was a wonderful experience.

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  6. Mary Ricksen says:

    If I’d been born a century ago, I might have had the fortune to own a horse of my own. You are sooo lucky girlfriend! What a gift!


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