Spring on the deck. Up Date!

11224834_1625491131000034_2245630168729757008_nAll that work and now look at her lovely eggs!

We built a new deck last fall. I enjoyed it during the fall and hated for winter to arrive. Eagerly I waited and waited for winter to end and spring to arrive. We had several false starts here in Georgia, but finally it’s here.

I couldn’t wait to get back to the deck, to sit out and enjoy my morning coffee. To sit at my pretty white Bistro table and enjoy my breakfast. You see, this is the first Spring in my adult life that I’ve been able to do what I want, when I want. The reason? I retired at the end of the school term of 2014. I spent the first six months catching up on all those things I’d left for when I retired. Finally caught up and ready for a more leisurely pace, I eagerly awaited those crisp Spring morning and finally they arrived.

I made my coffee, added my favorite flavored  creamer and went out to sit on the deck. It was quiet and peaceful. I sat in one of rocking chairs and sipped my coffee. Then I saw it, a small stick laying on the deck rail. My hubby bought me a battery powered leaf blower and I’ve been very good about keeping the leaves and twigs blown off the deck. I wondered how this particular stick found its way to the deck rail.

I finished my coffee and went inside to get the leaf blower. When I returned I noticed there were other twigs on the deck. I looked up and several twigs hung from the rafters of the roof. Hummm, something was up. I took the leaf blower back inside and sat in the sunroom looking out on the deck. That’s when I saw her. A Robin, and she carried a piece of tree branch in her beak.  It looked way to big for her to carry, but she flew up to the rafter with it.

Nest building 101

I’m sure this was her first nesting season because nest building was very challenging for her. I watched her for two weeks as she struggled to build her first nest.

With many false starts, set backs and challenges, still she persevered.

10933702_1617763815106099_7456008291683200012_nFirst gather some twigs.

10258738_1617763875106093_7669469045246793812_nNext pick your spot.  Or not.

11245475_1617763931772754_1268570990636834515_nThis might be better.

She worked for two weeks on her nest. She’d get it started, then knock all the straw off and have to start over. But she was patient and persistent. She finally got her nest built. Up high, not on the banister. She sits out there on her nest every day. I haven’t looked to see if there are any eggs, but I’m sure there must be.

Now I must take a lesson from her and be patient, persistent and dedicated. Time to use my lovely deck for the purpose my hubby intended, for my container flower garden and my writing nook. I am blessed to have such a thoughtful husband.11150839_1617765968439217_5121849854641977846_nWhat about you? Where will you be writing this Spring?


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9 Responses to Spring on the deck. Up Date!

  1. Barbara Monajem says:

    How cool to have the leisure to observe the robin at work! 🙂


  2. marymarvella says:

    I will do mine inside, except when I visit you! I can’t wait!


  3. Josie says:

    Very lovely setting to write. You have a very thoughtful husband, also.


  4. nitethyme says:

    A lovely deck indeed, and I’m glad I retired, too, but I seem to be just as busy. Having a robin is lovely! We all need to take that lesson from her, I guess.


  5. Barbara, I wish I did have all the time to watch the Robin build her nest. But she works very early in the morning and would mostly be gone by time I ventured out. She is now sitting on her nest and I assume is incubating her eggs. Can’t wait for the chicks to hatch.


  6. Linda, I love the deck and early mornings before the sun rises over the house is perfect for writing. We also have part of the deck covered so it is shady even at mid day. I am enjoying my retirement, but staying way to busy. Bird watching is a time-consuming business.


  7. Josie, my husband is very tnyhoughtful. He is a bit over-protective though. That was why he built the deck, so I wouldn’t be out in the yard with my container garden. He worries that I will fall again. Hehehe, he forgets that I fell on the old deck, not in the yard. Regardless, I love the deck.


  8. MaryMarvella, I can’t wait for you to come down and write with me on the deck! You need to see my flowers as well. My door is always open to you, you know that!


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