Talk about Nesting and Flowers


Mama loved flowers. Both of my grandmothers loved flowers. My Grandma Mary owned a florist. Grandma Overby used coffee cans as planters and had flowers all over her front  porch and on the railing. Mama planted flowers all over her yard and on her front porch. I love flowers but didn’t inherit the green thumb.  Musta skipped a generation!20150522_191503

My daughter inherited that green thumb, maybe because both of her grandmamas had them!


When my daughter started sending me pictures of her flowers I realized her green thumb had matured! When she had a big yard someone else had started, she didn’t bother with her own planting. Now she lives in a townhouse and she takes after my side of the family! Her grandmamas and great grandmamas would be proud!20150522_120527

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11 Responses to Talk about Nesting and Flowers

  1. marymarvella says:

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    I’m spending the weekend with my granddogs so my daughter and her husband could enjoy some time away for their first anniversary. Seeing her flowers and the way she made use of every space makes me smile!

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  2. nitethyme says:

    I didn’t get a green thumb either. Good thing I have a man who does my yard. Linda

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  3. Mary Ricksen says:

    I got that green thumb. But, there are no beautiful spring flowers down here in Florida. Sigh…I sure miss them.

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  4. Josie says:

    No green thumb here, but love and appreciate a florist and landscaper.

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  5. Beth’s gardens all ways make me want to visit her. I love flowers as did my mother and grandmother. I did fortunately inherite their green thumbs, but not their ability to work with them for hours. My back limits what I can do. But I love my flowers, they are my greenbabies!

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  6. bethtrissel says:

    Wonderful post, pics, and evidence of a green thumb. I’ve been gardening like my life depends on it. Wearing myself out, maybe too much.


  7. marymarvella says:

    Thanks, Beth! Sometimes you feel pressured to get everything done.
    Rest some. Guard your health!


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