I Don’t Share with Mice!

I really don’t like mice, not even small ones.

I was working just hours ago when a mouse invaded my workspace. I have a comfy rocking chair with a rocking ottoman. My laptop and I love that I can put my feet up when I’m tired and have work to edit or pages to write. I sat down when a fresh glass of tea, prepared to finish edits on Cheerleader Dad to send to my editor. I had put the glass on a table to my right.

Good thing I looked at the drink before I grabbed it. A mouse stared at me as though wondering what new goodie I had brought for us. Who knows what the critter tasted?  I left to grab and bait two traps to put on the table, but the stinker didn’t leave. The traps were small but maybe too heavy duty for the little rodent.  I actually left again to get a paper cup and returned to see the animal waiting, unconcerned. This old lady moved fast enough to capture it by covering it with the cup. I even managed to slide the mouse into a plastic bag.

Now it’s gone, flushed down the toilet! I trashed every scrap of candy, even wrapped pieces in a bag, and dumped the drink containers. Who knew whether the mouse shared my drink?  For now I will work in a rolling office chair that doesn’t allow me to put my feet up or my head back when I’m tired.  I’ll survive. 20150621_233935

Would you have screamed or sworn or tried to bash the furry nuisance? I didn’t scream, but I moved quickly. Bashing it would have lead to making a nasty mess on the table and anywhere the stuff on the table went.



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14 Responses to I Don’t Share with Mice!

  1. I don’t like mice. Years ago, when we lived in the mill village our house was invaded by the horrible creatures after the mill exterminated. One woke me running across the top of my head in the middle of the night! Yuck! I sat awake the remainder of the night watching my two babies to be sure the rodents didn’t get on the bed with them! I don’t like mice or rats!

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    My friend had an encounter with a furry rodent! Yuck!


  3. marymarvella says:

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    I can’t waste a good blog by using it only once.


  4. nitethyme says:

    I would have kept the brave little critter as a pet though I’m sure Spencer would have eaten him. If he was that tame, you have to give him credit. When I lived in a cold water flat in England, I had a mouse who’d hide under my long gown when I sat on the potty. Linda

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  5. Josie says:

    You ladies are very brave. Thirty years ago, when dh and I realized we had mice in our attic (we owned a large, colonial home) we put the house up for sale and moved within three weeks.

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  6. Debby Grahl says:

    Mary, to quote Oliver, one of my characters in The Silver Crescent, “Sugar, I don’t do mice!”
    We once had mice in our kitchen. My husband made fun of me because I was so upset. So when I saw they’d messed in one of his shoes, I didn’t tell him.

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  7. I myself prefer the cat catch method. I once borrowed a neighbors cat when I saw a mouse run from behind the fridge in an apartment we rented. The cat sat there and caught 12 of them. He didn’t get to eat them, but he ate well on us that night!! I could not watch as my brother had a pet mouse that was really sweet…

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  8. marymarvella says:

    Maybe I need to borrow a cat. HMMM


  9. Lizzi Newton says:

    Which is why I have cats and the best rodent catcher you can have, a terrier. Trust me you don’t want to mess with a terrier. And they’re pretty darned cute too. My worst mouse experience came at the hands of my youngest daughter. She insisted on getting a pet mouse. I agreed on the condition I would never see it. So she made sure to get a secure cage. Secure my foot! I was laid up flat on my back after a medical procedure when I looked down beside my bed and saw the spawn of Satan running along the wall. My scream was so loud that every one of the kids came flying into my bedroom. I told them if they didn’t find it and remove it they would have to carry me to a hotel for the night. They found it. It’s awful to say but the thing had some kind of heart attack running in its nasty little wheel during a thunderstorm. I was glad.


  10. marymarvella says:

    I love that story, Lizzi! You should write a blog about it.


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