A TV Repairman with No Workboots or Toolbelt?

I have my home phone and Internet services with Charter Communications.The television cable part was fine, but for at least 5 days neither the phone nor the Internet worked consistently.  I had to jump into my car and hotfoot it to the nearest McDonalds and hang for hours to participate in a Facebook party one day and then 2 days later to work A Romance Caper, a monthly event on Facebook. I was in charge of that. Other folks were having Internet or Facebook problems, so I waited to call Charter. When I finally gave in and called Charter  the representative said I needed a replacement modem for the Internet and she’d send someone to my house to resolve my issues.  GOOD!

I had to rearrange the obstacle course I call my house. The paths I use are wide enough for a short woman with bare feet. I remembered the times men wearing work boots and tool belts had clumped through my house to get to the plugins and modems, so I widened the paths.

The repairman arrived, looking neat and wearing Khakis and a navy shirt instead of jeans and no shirt(A woman can hope!)  He wore neat black shoes like he’d wear to an office and carried a tool kit that looked like the ones available on the shopping channels. Then he pulled out black cloth booties like a cop might wear at a crime scene and covered his shoes.

Was I disappointed by this civilized looking repairman? Nah, he was smaller than the bulky guys who made me worry that they’d step on stuff. He replaced two modems one and put that new modem in a better place.

I thought I took shots of the modern version of the TV repairman, but I suck at using my cell to take photos!

Cheerleader Dad will be available soon!GDB_Layout_CheerDad_Final Front

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7 Responses to A TV Repairman with No Workboots or Toolbelt?

  1. The last time the cable guy came to my house, he looked more like Larry! Glad you got it all fixed! Love the new cover. Can’t wait to see this one available on Amazon!

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  2. nitethyme says:

    Great new cover, Mary!!

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  3. Josie says:

    Fun story, MM. All the repairman seem to wear booties now. Best wishes on your new book!

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  4. My DH used to be a TV repairman before he went to learn computer stuff. It does not pay to repair them anymore, the parts are not tubes, but expensive with circuit boards which are quite costly. It’s usually cheaper to replace them then repair them. So the real repairman TV guy with the butt crack, is a thing long gone…replaced by Best Buy! Computers are another animal entirely.


  5. marymarvella says:

    Funny, Mary! I was really just getting my Internet fixed.


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