A Splash of Romance


Crashing into Love Anthology

What do you do when your plane crashes on a deserted island and you have 3 luscious men clamoring for your attention? Decisions…decisions…poor Hannah Parks in A Splash of Romance.


Hannah Parks


Hannah Parks is a trauma nurse on her way to a symposium at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Sydney, Australia. She just started her bucket list and a plane crash definitely isn’t on it.

Oliver Lawson’s divorce is almost final and he’s looking to start over. A tropical island, a gorgeous woman, and romance is one thing, getting there as a result of a crash landing…who knew?

Adam.Garcia.8  MV5BNzkyMDg3NTkwM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzg3MTc5MTE@._V1_UY317_CR21,0,214,317_AL_   Scott-Eastwood-Shirtless-Photoshoot-July-2015

  Co-pilot Oliver Lawson         Actor – Jax McCormack      Cowboy – Wyatt Bronco

Who would you choose?


Hannah handed the baby to Erica then made her rounds double-checking injuries and helping to make the survivors comfortable.
It was all she could do to keep it together while wrapping the sprained wrist of a tall blonde, curly-haired Hollywood actor, Jax McCormack. Jax was simply gorgeous. He smiled at her. She tackled the cut that started on his forehead and slashed down through his right eyebrow and along his cheek. She pressed the sides of the wound together and gently applied the crazy glue. “I’m trying to avoid stitches so it won’t mar your pretty face.” Did she just tell the number one box office hottie he had a pretty face?
His friend chuckled. “Did you hear that, you’ll still be purty?”
The twang of his friend’s Texas accent sent her stomach aflutter.
“Why thank you, little lady.” Jax flashed a smile, it was electric as twin dimples and an adorable matching accent sent her heart into a spin. His blue eyes glittered while he teased and flirted with her.
And if that wasn’t enough, a dark haired swarthy cowboy, Wyatt Bronco, tried to outdo his buddy, moaning in pain vying for her attention. The cowboy’s shoulder was out of socket. Jax held his friend steady while she popped it back into place.
“I’m sorry, but we had to do that. Here, let me try some of my ointment on it.” She pulled a jar from her medical bag. Put some on her palms and then rubbed her hands together and applied it to his shoulder. “It’s special.” She massaged some of the unique formula she and Tony created for helping deep muscle tissue. The liniment was strong and stinky, but effective.
“What the heck is in that? It’s hotter than anything we use on the ranch. Damn that feels good.” Wyatt leaned his head back, closed his eyes and sighed.
“Ranch…as in a real live cowboy?”
“That’s right. We have a huge spread in southwest Texas. Why? Do you have a hankering for a real live cowboy?”
She gnawed on her lip to keep from blurting out a response.
“You do, I can see it in your eyes. Well, this is your lucky day. I’m your cowboy.”
“My neck is sore, how about using some of that on me.” Jax took a step closer then turned his back and tilted his head, waiting.
She used the cowboy’s belt, complete with a massive buckle from a rodeo win as a sling then turned her attention to Jax and applied a small amount to the back of his neck.
“Ahh, you’re right that feels great.” Jax rolled his shoulders.
Wyatt cut in, “I think my shoulder could use some more massaging.”
She chuckled and shook her head. “You boys will be just fine.” Both men were huge, making her feel downright petite.
Muffled voices drew her attention.
Hannah waved. “I’ll check back on your guys later.” Geez they were something else.
“No, don’t go. My shoulder needs more of your attention,” Wyatt gasped, a frown deepened the lines on his forehead and he clutched his shoulder.
She rushed to his side feeling the joint to make sure he hadn’t made it worse.“That’s better. Now where were we? How would you like me to teach you to ride a horse while we’re down under? I’d be glad to.”
“You faker!” She tried to act put out, but he bats in the stomach already proved her a liar. “We’ll discuss it later.”
She made her way to Tony’s side taking a deep breath to calm her pulse rate from both men playfully arguing and hitting on her. They were on their way to Australia for a movie Jax-the-man-candy was about to start filming and Wyatt-the-hot-cowboy-sidekick was going along to teach him to rope and ride for it. What a pair.
The pilot and some of the men made a lean-to out of the escape chute and some downed trees.
By the time she finished checking the rest of the injured, the sun peeked over the horizon.
Oliver waved to her as he returned from the burial detail.
She tugged her skirt down and tried to yank the material of her blouse over her gaping cleavage, in this ridiculous outfit she showed more of her figure than she was comfortable with. Not that she was petite by a long shot. At five feet eight inches, in a shrinking denim skirt and almost exploding blouse, she appeared bustier than ever, and more like a hooker than a nurse. And worse yet her skin itched, it was on fire thanks to the salt water that dried on her skin and clothes. She gave her skirt one last tug before Oliver joined her.
“Do you know how long it’s been since I watched the sun rise?” He stared out over the now calm water.
“If you’re as busy as I am, it’s been way too long.” A beautiful sight all things considered.
Oliver looked so sad.
Hannah touched his shoulder, heat radiated through his shirt. “Are you okay?”

I hope this has intrigued you enough to go get the Anthology.

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8 Responses to A Splash of Romance

  1. Lizzi Newton says:

    Oh my. Can I hitch a ride on that plane?

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  2. Josie says:

    Great read. Can I join you, Lizzi? 🙂

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  3. nitethyme says:

    I enjoyed the excerpt. I’d take the actor! Linda

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  4. marymarvella says:

    Does she have to pick? I’d try each one!


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