Spencer’s Story

20140613_233346I was looking to adopt a cat. I’d had one bad experience with a Maine Coon that was too destructive and unfriendly to keep as well as the agency through which I adopted him.  They were far too demanding, insisting that I buy a really expensive flea treatment for an indoor cat.  I returned him and did a search on the internet for a Ragdoll.  Leonocio popped up in a search.  He was a really big and fat cat looking over a woman’s shoulder.  I fell in love, immediately phoning the agency, Mutts & Meows, in Katy, TX.  I had a cat carrier, but since I had recently fallen from a mounting block while at a horse riding lesson, I couldn’t carry a cat the size of Leonocio.  My friend had to accompany me and carry him from PetsMart to the car, then from the car to my condo, quite a long walk from the parking lot.

He settled in right away.  His fur was rough, and he still gobbles his food as if he’ll never be20140531_093005 fed again.  But he was beautiful with blue eyes and multi-colored long fur.  I changed his name to Spencer, quickly learning his new name.  Not long after, I sold the condo and bought a house.  He quickly adjusted—well, he was never not at home.

Spencer had his own story.  Somehow, he had fallen into the hands of the local animal
shelter.  I wonder how. The head of the shelter called Mutts & Meows and told them “this cat is far too beautiful to be destroyed”.

Today, he is thriving and still quite as fat.  He has really large paws and is naturally a large cat—as I think most Ragdolls are.  And I now know what he is.  He’s a blue point Ragdoll.  I found a female cat on the internet who looked exactly like Spencer.  She had been a breeder, which meant that she was an excellent example of the breed. I considered adopting her, but alas one cat is enough to love and care for.  He’s a happy cat and is very clever.  When he wants a treat, he stretches one leg high (like a horse in a Spanish Walk) and looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes.

20140528_121226Spencer’s story has a happy ending.  Best $75 I ever spent. He owns this house in which I reside.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Linda


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3 Responses to Spencer’s Story

  1. Josie says:

    Ragdolls are beautiful cats. Such a lovely story–thanks for sharing.


  2. Deb Julienne says:

    Sounds like Spencer is happy in his new home. Good for you!


  3. bethtrissel says:

    Beautiful kitty. Wonderful tale.


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