Meet The Characters: Angeline Talbot and Travis Wellington


Sex, Secrets, & Happily Ever Afters (Release August 4, 2015)

Angel and Travis are about to release their story. I call Angel my lost girl. A painful past has left her emotionally scarred. And then she met Travis who is just coming off the worst time of his life, but it’s Angel who makes him want to believe again.

Angel Talbot is anything but pure—in fact some might even consider her a bit wicked. How else would you describe the manager of an ‘adults only’ store that specializes in helping ladies find that special O. But Angel could use a hand herself. Or two. That is until she stumbles into sexy businessman Travis Wellington.

When the Wellington Family had a problem, they sent Travis to fix it. Being the CEO of his family’s multi-million dollar enterprise means Travis is used to getting his hands dirty. But the pressure of looking out for the company, along with his family’s well-being was beginning to take its toll . . . until he found his Angel…

The set-up: Travis Wellington and Angel Talbot have just met at Travis’ twin brother’s wedding. Hours later they’re in a Casino restaurant, at Lake Tahoe, and it’s in the wee hours of the morning on New Year’s day. Below is part of their game of 20 questions that gets a little off-color.

“Fine. Back to our game. Top or bottom?”
She let out a bubbly laugh. “After everything I just said you’re going there?”
“A guy’s got to try.” Travis clasped his hands around his coffee cup and shrugged.
“Fine.” She leaned back and crossed her arms. “But I thought everyone knew food cooks best on the middle rack.”
“Touché, I deserve that.” He tipped his head to her in defeat.
“Yes you do.” She added cream and sugar, held her mug in one hand, and stirred with the other.
The waitress delivered the cake.
Travis placed his hand over his cup. He didn’t need any more caffeine, but Angel nodded.
“Oh shoot, I forgot the forks.” The waitress headed back for the kitchen.
“You didn’t ask me my preference.” He leaned forward, keeping his hands wrapped around his cup to resist touching her.
“I don’t plan to either.” She smirked, and put down her spoon.
The waitress set a fork in front of each of them. “Anything else?”
“Well I like the bottom, totally submissive.” He tried to keep a straight face.
“Oh-kay, I guess not.” Shaking her head, the waitress walked away.
Travis couldn’t hold it in, and he burst out laughing.
“That’s not funny. You said that on purpose. Somehow I don’t imagine you submissive about anything.” Her eyes twinkled and her face was radiant. It was the first time she smiled showing her beautiful white teeth.
He liked the way her eyes wrinkled at the corners when she was amused.
She chewed on her bottom lip, looking thoughtful, then shot him a mischievous smile. “How many women have you slept with?”
“Four. You?” He picked up his fork to take a bite. The cake was almost as enticing as Angel. He scooped up a bite and put it in his mouth. The chocolate melted in his mouth. Delicious.
“None. I prefer men.”

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into Angel’s story. Travis is going to keep her hopping whether she wants it or not.

Sex, Secrets, & Happily Ever Afters is on pre-0rder now!


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2 Responses to Meet The Characters: Angeline Talbot and Travis Wellington

  1. Josie says:

    Another great read, Deb!


  2. debjulienne says:

    Can’t wait for it to release.


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