Tweens Can Be So Much Fun!


If you live with a girl around eleven years old or have lived with one, you know girls that age can be fun and a pain, horrible but adorable.  I still remember my daughter and her friends at that age. I wanted to hug them one minute and strangle them the next. My daughter is now within a month of turning 43, so why would I choose this topic now?  Because Cheerleader Dad, my romantic comedy is available for pre-order on Amazon, of course.

When Love and Laughter, the romantic comedy imprint of Harlequin Romances, came into being I started this story. Time has passed and Love and Laughter is no longer an imprint of Harlequin, but you can laugh with Lily and Jesse and the two tween new cheerleaders while the girls set their own version of The Parent Trap to get their parents together. Unlike the movie, these girls aren’t twins, but they want to be sisters, not just besties.


Sitting at a small, round, iron table Jesse worked to keep his knees from bumping Lily’s. There was a softness about her that had nearly stolen his breath when he first spotted her from across the gymnasium floor. Only his concern for Jaycee had kept him from taking time to stare at her.

She twisted a golden strand of hair around her finger. He’d like to play with her hair.

When he’d put his arm around her shoulders, he’d nearly forgotten the original reason for the innocent gesture. Even through the soft outfit he’d felt the heat of her skin. If he hadn’t been stunned by his reaction to having her so close, he would probably have pulled her into his arms for a better hug. Not a good idea. Too public.

Now sitting at the table with her allowed him time to study her high cheekbones and smooth skin. Loose strands of hair escaped their braid. She had the face of an angel. It’s even prettier up close. Dangerously so.


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5 Responses to Tweens Can Be So Much Fun!

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  2. I’ve got my copy on pre-order! Can’t wait, I loved the parent trap movies!

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  3. Josie says:

    Sounds like a winner, MM!

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