When life takes over


Mocha and her 7 babies just hours old
I swear…I am such a sucker for my grandkids!
Last Friday, it’s a regular work day…(should have been my first clue) I barely get started on work when Kylie and Donivan come racing into the house yelling, “We have baby piggies.” They’re doing a happy dance, grabbing me, and shoving me out the door.
We go out. I oh and ah appropriately and go back to work…and what happens, an hour later Kylie comes in crying, “the 6 big babies keep pushing the runt out, help it grandma!” So grandma to the rescue…I find a crate, put a towel in, find a bottle, fill it with milk and hand it to Kylie. She looks at me like I’m an idiot and says, “What do I do?” Needless to say we spent the afternoon teaching her to care for the piglet (now appropriately named Runt Roast).
Do I get my work done…yes and no…because come 3pm I’m supposed to get off work and take the kids to the local fair.
We’re about to leave for the fair when my granddaughter starts crying, “Who’s going to feed my baby?” She’s got the quivering pucker lip and tears running down her cheeks.
Kylie was the hit of the fair, everybody and their brother had to stop a look at it, pet it, touch it, and have a selfies with it. We had to keep feeding it every hour, to keep its strength up. We all survived the fair and made it home, only to be up all night helping her feed the runt.
Kylie and Runt Roast
Now the story could end here…but you know me…that’s not the way it happen. The next morning I’m sucking down coffee like it’s Vicodin, looking for anything get rid of my headache because I didn’t eat much the previous day and forgot my coffee on Friday. I just plant my fanny on the couch shut my eyes and viola’…Donny comes in screaming, “Root Beer is smashing my baby grandma go save her.”
Donivan and Maple Sausage
We go tromping out there and sure enough there is a baby stuck on its side, can’t get up, and the other babies are protecting it from further damage. I have my son cut of the hot wire, and jump into the pen and get the baby out. It’s in shock, so I wrap it up, take it into the house and clean it up, snuggle it down, and start feeding it warm milk (store bought powdered baby pig Colostrum) I spent the entire freaking day snuggling her, keeping her warm, feeding and checking the legs. After every feeding I’m massaging her legs. By the end of Saturday night  we were able to put Runt Roast back with his mom, (Kylie was so afraid it was going to die that the others would push it away again, so we stood outside watching him interact with his brothers for 2 hours before she was convinced he’d survive.)
Kylie spoon feeding Runt Roast mush.
By now he was strong enough to push his way to a good feeding…but what was absolutely adorable was that when Runt Roast, and mind you this baby is like half the size of the others, is in the crate, with Maple Sausage (Donny’s baby) and rooting its snout, under Maple’s tummy to help her up, he’d push her against the side of the crate and help her to stand then just stay there, helping her keep upright…it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.
We tried to put her back day before yesterday but it was too soon, the ground was sloped, so she crashed and rolled, down the dirt, and rolled into the pig pen where Mini and the bigger babies was, and into the water pit.
Had to have my son, Jere, hurry and turn off the hot wire so I could jump in and keep it from drowning. Brought her inside, had to give her a bath, dry her off, and keep her with us again.
Runt Roast is now back with the family, Maple unfortunately didn’t make it. Her internal injuries were too severe.
The whole litter.
So much for planning my weekend. I’m on deadline for 2 books and didn’t write a single word.
How was your weekend?
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2 Responses to When life takes over

  1. nitethyme says:

    What precious piggies! Linda


  2. bethtrissel says:

    Oh how adorable. I love the pics and the post.


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