A busy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day weekend is always crazy for me. This year it was even crazier! I spotted this creature hanging around.

I worked at Dragon Con and the Decatur Book Festival.20150907_14302320150907_124922

Dragon Con is like a costume party on steroids. The event covers 5 hotels and at least 1 building of the Atlanta Mart. Other years I spent a lot of my time at the Writers Track. This year Gilded Dragonfly Books had a booth at the Mart.


Melba Moon (M.J. Flournoy)  and I worked the booth with the help of some of our authors and friends. There were many distractions!


I even sold some books!  After the booth closed we headed to the writers Track to help out.  LONG DAYS! I thought I was seeing things!


As if that wasn’t enough to cram into one weekend, we left the Con to go to a book festival in Decatur, 2 subway trains away. There we conducted a panel discussion. Guess who showed up from the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers? Our own Debby Grahl came to meet Melba and me. Sooo cool!  Thanks, Debby!


Cheerleader Day went live this week!


In the theater Jesse reached into the popcorn bucket. The girls couldn’t have planned this seating arrangement. By the time they’d finally arrived at the movie theater there had been no four seats together.

He removed wire rimmed glasses from his pocket. He wasn’t vain but he’d considered leaving them in the car. They’d come in handy driving home after dark. They’d come in handy seeing the movie, too.

He leaned toward Lily. “I couldn’t believe how fast our girls raced to the ladies room to wash.”

“Yep, they didn’t want to be seen with make-up smeared faces. My idea of outsmarting them.”

He hadn’t thought to be so creative. He’d have blown up and Jaycee would’ve pouted and acted like the injured party.

“Excuse me,” Lily said. Her hand collided with his, for the sixth time. He’d been counting.

Lily shivered when the soft hairs on his hands and arms brushed hers. She could hardly swallow the buttery fluffs she’d managed to get in that last handful.

“No problem,” Jesse said.

Watching the movie and sharing popcorn would’ve been easy if the adults knew each other better, or not as well. As the story on screen heated, Jesse and Lily heated. Maybe it was best that they weren’t sitting with the girls.

“Lily,” Jesse whispered, “don’t apologize.”

“Okay,” she whispered back. “We could nudge each other when we’re ready to reach…”

“Don’t you dare,” Jesse warned, “you know how I am with drinks. I might spill mine on us if you jar my arm. Besides I feel like a teenager, sharing my popcorn with my date.”
“Shhh, up there,” the couple in the row behind them hissed. “Some of us are trying to watch the movie.”

“Sorry,” Jesse answered. “See, pretty lady, we need to just enjoy this movie,” Jesse whispered in her ear. “about…uh…we just need to relax and see what the movie is about, anyway. The girls might give a test afterwards. I can’t imagine why they brought us to see a love story.”

“Maybe they thought we needed a refresher course since neither of us is married.” Turning to tease Jesse, Lily found his lips where she had thought his ear should be. He hadn’t moved away. It was dark, but she could see his mouth beckoning. Just a fraction away from kissing him, she couldn’t move. Jesse parted his lips, licking them. They’d taste of butter and popcorn, ordinary flavors, but so damned sexy!

“Jesse,” she managed to whisper.

“Yes?” he croaked.

“Would you just go ahead and kiss her so we can watch the movie?” an old man behind them hissed.

Lily jarred the popcorn tub. “Oh, no!” White spots covered Jesse’s lap.

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5 Responses to A busy Labor Day Weekend!

  1. nitethyme says:

    I’d love to have been at DragonCon. Congrats on your new release, MM. Wishing you many, many sales. Enjoyed the excerpt. Linda


  2. Josie says:

    So fun, MM. I’ve never attended DragonCon. Best wishes on your new release, also. Love that cover!


  3. MM, Dragon Con was super exciting this year with the release of Legends of the Dragon, Cheerleader Dad and Crimson Dreams. Being in the gift mart working the booth was an experience. All three books are available as ebooks on Amazon. I hope everyone will download a copy! The highlight of my weekend was seeing Captain Jack and having him smile and bow to me. Still tired! But happy.


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  5. marymarvella says:

    Thanks, MJ! Working with you is always cool!


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