Gotta go tutor! I’ll finish this afternoon!

My weekend was crowded with wonderful things!


I helped Melba Moon celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. What a fun event!


I attended a class reunion for some of my high school students. I felt the love and wish I could have recorded all the hugs and wonderful things m “kids” said. I’d have saved some of the hugs in a box to pull out on days when I’d like to hide in a closet or sleep for a week and see of problems would disappear!

Author MJ Flournoy (Melba Moon) and I had out Facebook event Sunday afternoon and evening.

Protecting Melissa_nocigar copy

AND Protecting Melissa went LIVE on Amazon.com Saturday.


Melissa sees herself as a woman well-rid of a jerk, rather than as a widow. Since she learned the distressing news that her philandering husband swindled her neighbors and friends before an irate husband killed him in bed with his wife, she figures nothing can shock her. Right! She wants a quiet world, a safe world where she can teach and never think about the problems her husband caused.

Gabe has a lot to make up for, since he left his son and wife stateside while he served as a career Marine. In his defense, she had insisted she wanted to stay near her parents instead of traveling all over the world. Time and distance worked their magic, and he and his wife drifted apart, just as he and his son did. The years he nursed her and tried to be a better father weren’t enough to make up for not being there for her when she learned she had cancer.

Of all the things Melissa would have expected, seeing her old crush standing in her classroom door hadn’t made the list. Having him hang around and flirt outrageously would have been wonderful when she trailed around him and her brother. Now it didn’t make her happy.


NOT bad for 2 days!

#33,620 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

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4 Responses to BUSY WEEKEND!

  1. Linda says:

    I’m so happy for your book success, and what a wonderful weekend it sounds.


  2. The anniversary dinner was great. Mary was our official photographer! The food was great and the cake awesome. Mary then went on to party all night with her students. Wait, that doesn’t sound right, her former students and all are old enough to party.

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