Thanksgiving Dinner Disasters

One day a year, millions of peopleturkey-ready-to-eatcook a Thanksgiving turkey for dinner and it comes out perfect. This is not the case with my husband, David, and I. For some reason, the Turkey Gods are against us. So I thought I’d share a couple of our most memorable thanksgiving dinner disasters.

We’d just moved into our historic home in Dayton, Ohio, and I had my family over for dinner. David and I were young andhad never cooked a turkey before. The house came with a Jenn-air stove. It was one of the older models and had a small oven, but we had a large turkey. I went all out for this dinner. Got out my fancy dishes, had candles lit and plenty of wine. David made all the trimmings to go with the turkey and everything was perfect — until he checked the turkey and discovered it had only been cooking on one side. The rest of the meal was ready and I had a house full of people and a half-cooked turkey. Needless to say, dinner was a little late.


On another occasion, we invited friends for dinner. We had a new stove and thought no problem, everything would be fine. Once again I got out my fancy dishes and David made all the trimmings to go with the turkey. My friend had brought appetizers, and we were sitting in the living room having drinks and enjoying her appetizers. David went to check on the turkey, and I can’t repeat the words we heard coming from the kitchen. I went to investigate and discovered once again we had a half cooked turkey.

The oven door had been propped ajar on the catch for broiling so had never fully heated. I went back into the living room to tell our guests dinner would be a little late and to keep eating appetizers. From the kitchen we heard a lot of banging and loud cursing and then we heard the back door open. I truly thought the bird had just flown out onto the patio, and we’d be eating Chinese food for dinner. I cautiously went back to the kitchen to discover that only the carcass had gone out the door. He’d taken a cleaver to it and shoved the pan of Thanksgiving body parts back into the oven.

Our first Thanksgiving here on Hilton head was just David and I and was going rather well, that was until the sweet potatoes almost caught on fire, and the cat got out and headed back to Ohio when David opened the door to clear out the smoke, and the turkey had to wait while my husband searched in the dark in the tropical jungle for Tigger.funny thanksgiving pictures

But there was plenty of wine, and eventually we found the cat, the turkey was done, and the dressing I made came out perfect.
I’m excited to say, this year we’re going to my cousin’s for dinner and hopefully we won’t take our turkey curse with us.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


About Debby Grahl

Romance author. My first book, The Silver Crescent, a paranormal romance was released Jan, 2014. Rue Toulouse, a romantic suspense set in New Orleans, is available now.
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4 Responses to Thanksgiving Dinner Disasters

  1. Josie says:

    Fun and lovely story! Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  2. nitethyme says:

    What a funny blog, Debby! I’ve had a few turkey disasters, too. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving. Linda


  3. bethtrissel says:

    This is a great post, Debby. Sorry to be so long in commenting. Busy holidays, I suppose.


  4. marymarvella says:

    Sooo funny! I just noticed I had missed this one! So sorry, Debby!


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