The Big 50

Fifty years goes by quickly when you are busy having babies, raising them, working full time and being a housewife. Not to mention trying to find time to write when not working. Fifty years? Really? Yep and those years weren’t always easy.

My husband has always taken good care of me and he still does. But in the early years with the economy bad and babies to feed and cloth, just to survive required both of us working.

I was lucky in that I had my grandmother with me part of that time to help with the babies. In fact she lived with us the last nine years of her life. My daughter has the manners of a well-schooled Victorian lady to prove it.

When both my children finished high school, I took it upon myself to go back to school and earn a college degree. Foolishly I decided to become a teacher thinking I would have free time to write. Yeah, we all know how that turned out. But becoming a teacher improved our economic life and gave me a stable retirement. Which brings me to the topic of this blog. How we celebrated our 50th Anniversary.

I started planning last year. We booked a cruise. MSC Divina sails out of Miami. We cruised the Caribbean. The cruise was wonderful.

So, we cruised for our 50th Anniversay!

We visited Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Naussau. When we returned to Miami, we toured the city and saw all the important sights. Then we rented a car and drove down to Key West. I’d made a reservation at the hotel where the African Queen is docked. I’m a big Boggie fan.

The African Queen and Key Lime Pie in the Florida Keys. What a grand way to end our adventure.


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12 Responses to The Big 50

  1. nitethyme says:

    What a grand way to spend an anniversary! Glad you had a great time. Linda


  2. Debby Grahl says:

    Happy50th! What a wonderful trip!


  3. Barbara Monajem says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful way to celebrate. 🙂


  4. Josie says:

    How wonderful! Happy 50th anniversary!


  5. marymarvella says:

    I’m glad I got to be with you for the family dinner part! I can’t believe you caught me trying to hide in your luggage and kicked me out!


  6. About the Key Lime Pie, I was being good and didn’t order dessert. Our waitress was a friendly young woman and talked avidly with us while taking our orders. I was wearing my t-shirt that says “I dont’ alway enjoy being a retired teacher, oh wait, Yes I do!” She asked if I were a teacher and then shared a story with us. She was in the store behind a woman who was checking out and had 27 of every item in her buggy. The clerk inquired about her purchase and the lady told her it was for her class. The clerk asked if she had a purchase order, the woman answered no, she was paying for the purchase. The clerk asked if she would be reimbursed for the purchase. The lady explained that teachers who gave their students little gift or made projects for them had to buy the materials out of their own pocket. I knodded knowingly, yep, I’ve done that so many times. The waitress said her son was with her and listened to the conversation also. When it was time for the teacher to pay, she realized she’d left her wallet in the car and had to run out to get it. While the teacher was gone, the waitress told the clerk to add her items to the total and she would pay for both. The teacher hurried back with her wallet and found what the waitress had done. I knew what was coming. I smiled and said, she cried, didn’t she? The waitress said yes. I thanked her for caring. She explained that she had always assumed that those extra supply list were just the school’s way of saving money and had never realized that teachers bought the extra supplies used in their classroom. I shared that during lean years with big budget cuts I’d even had to buy my own copy paper. She was such a sweet lady. I thanked her for caring. When she brought our check, she brought me the slice of Key Lime Pie, her treat. How sweet of her! She earned the big tip I left her. America needs more parents like this lady!


  7. Congratulations, Melba.


  8. bethtrissel says:

    Congrats! Great pics and memories.


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