Happy 2016!! This Day Seemed to have Sped at Me

It is said that the young anticipate the passage of time while those of a tender older age watch it scrolling past in their rear view mirror far too quickly.  It doesn’t seem a year since I celebrated the birth of 2015!  However, I am a year older, having celebrated a much dreaded birthday on December 27th. I am convinced by circumstance that I have seen hotel-galvez-and-spa-galveston-texas-home2-topanother year pass.

Birthday was nice.  Spent it in Galveston with friends who took me to a champagne brunch at the Hotel Galvez on the Seawall.


Last night, NYE, the Fearsome Foursome celebrated at the Omni with a dinner dance, a champagne toast at  midnight and a balloon drop.  The band was very good and a good time was had by all.  The others have posted pictures to Facebook, but I never seem to get10404353_10204020399668776_4090738188037843626_n pictures with my camera anywhere!  The food was good, the entertainment was very good, and the dance floor packed!

I think we were probably the only single women at the party–but there were 4 of us–strength in numbers!  Of course, we all had to dance to I Will Survive!  I wanted to hear Staying Alive but it didn’t happen.  We were all in formal.  Wish I had some pix to post here, but they are on FB.

20160101_132357Spencer’s take on New Year’s Day.

Happy New Year and may 2016 see your dreams come true!


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3 Responses to Happy 2016!! This Day Seemed to have Sped at Me

  1. nitethyme says:

    Thanks Mary! May all your dreams come true this year, too!

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