A shivery, creepy post for a Friday — The Spider Wasp

66fca-elise2band2bher2bfriendNow, I am a total insect freak.  I shiver just to think of them.  If one comes near, I scream.  But I found this critter interesting, even if more than creepy.  For these reasons, I’ll forego a picture and simply tell you about the Spider Wasp.

Instead I’ll use a lovely photo one of my fellow Fuzzies used in a previous post.  I hope Beth and Elise Trissel won’t mind that I borrow one of their incomparable photos of their lovely farm.



The spider wasp is actually a wasp, winning their name because they capture and paralyze their prey. The spider wasp hunts and kills spiders. If you are a spider, don’t be alarmed if you live anywhere other than Australia, Africa and Central and South America.

This is the awesomely gross part.  During its reproductive cycle, the spider wasp captures and paralyzes a spider, dragging its prey to a safe place, after which it lays an egg over its abdomen. When the larvae hatch from the eggs, in their search for food, they finally disembowel the spider, in effect devouring it from the inside.

Pretty gruesome, huh?  Makes me rethink my burning desire to visit Australia.

Happy Friday!! Linda

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4 Responses to A shivery, creepy post for a Friday — The Spider Wasp

  1. Barbara Monajem says:

    LOL. Yeah, it’s pretty gross, but I love insects in general, as long as they aren’t the pesky kind, such as ants and mosquitoes. I’ve even had pet spiders in the window, to which I fed cockroaches.


  2. Josie says:

    Yikes, ladies! I scream and dash from the room whenever there’s a flying bug in the vicinity.

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