Cars – Our 4-wheeled Steeds

I have to take my car in for “service” today, and I am quaking in my boots, as is my Discover card. However, if I won’t grow up and continue to hold onto my sports car, I have to bite the bullet…

I love cars. Have done so since I was a youngster my head poked beneath the hood with my wonderful dad.  I’m sure he really wanted my help—NOT!  He wasn’t a mechanic, but he loved the 4-wheeled beasties, too.  I could name most of the cars on the road as he, my mom and I went on road trips.

imagesR052AGUAIf I could choose the car I wanted now, I guess I’d keep the one I have.  If I had loads of money, I’d buy an Aston Martin, too.



In Sinners’ Opera, Morgan (the hero) drives a 1966 Jaguar E-type.  In Sinners’ Obsession,untitled because the Jag suffers a watery death, he drives a Vanquish (Aston Martin).  I was privileged to drive one once.  I could have been taken to jail for speeding on Beltway 8, but that wild experience that I’ll never forget.  I have seen my current car on 115 mph going to San Antonio, but don’t tell the local authorities.  Since he is a black car with black interior and a black convertible top, I call him Black Beastie.  When I bought him, my friend suggested Black Beauty as his name, but I thought that far too wimpy for a car with dual turbochargers.

Enjoy your Friday!  Best regards from my mechanic, Black Beastie, and me.  My Discover card declines comment.

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10 Responses to Cars – Our 4-wheeled Steeds

  1. Linda, I feel for you! I drove my last van for 13 years. I loved it, but the engine light came on and the repair shop said it was the transmission. Would cost over $4000 to replace it. Couldn’t do that for a vehicle with nearly 250,000 miles! So, I drove it until I felt it was unsafe and then started shopping for a new one. I love the new van, but not the payments! Hope you don’t have a big bill for your visit! Morgan would drive a sexy car, sexy ride for sexy man!

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  2. Josie says:

    Discover card and I hear your pain! Clever blog.

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  3. nitethyme says:

    MM, I wondered if you still had your Mustang! Glad to know you do.


  4. I admire your knowledge of vehicles. I can only name a few. Instead I tend to say SUV, sedan, or truck. I was a tomboy growing up but never was interested in cars; I loved sports.

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