“Scandal” and “The Good Wife”

What do you watch on television?

Do you watch the first show of a series based on the hype that precedes it?

Are you more influenced by the premise of a show or the actors on it?

As a rule, I don’t watch the first show in a series unless it plays at a time when there is nothing else on that I want to watch or I LOVE the actors or actresses on the show. Since I tutor kids on a regular basis I try not to become addicted to a series, knowing I will miss episodes to earn money. (No, I can’t record them)

I didn’t watch Scandal for a long time. I was turned off by the idea it would be about a U.S. president and his affair in the White House. I admit I don’t admire people who commit adultery. (YEP, I used the word. I am the daughter of a former preacher and I tend to take it personally when people cheat on their marriage partners.)  I picked up on the series because the reruns play at times when I need something to watch, and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is an interesting character without the president. Am I into passion and sex? Of course I am. I write about romance and love and steamy sex. I just don’t let married folks cheat when they are my heroes or heroines or protagonists. I do find the intrigues on most episodes a tad over the top, but I am watching fiction, so who cares?  Some of the secondary characters are interesting. Some are bat-shit crazy and will surely meet a terrible end.

People who love Julianna Margulis (Alicia Florrick) probably watched The Good Wife from the beginning. I wasn’t a fan. Christine Barabski (Diane Lockhart)  is an interesting actress, but… Chris Noth (Peter Florrick) was fine on Sex in the City as a secondary character. He has played other big roles, but I didn’t watch those shows, and I wouldn’t have watched the show for him or any of the other actors. Actually, Archie Panjabi, (Kalinda Sharma) plays an interesting character,  but I wouldn’t watch the series because of her.  The whole presentation of politics and law practice didn’t grab my interest at first, but I now enjoy the show. Again, I watch the reruns.

If you want to read romance with intrigue and hot sex, and Mustang cars try Protective Instincts Protective Instincts and Protecting Melissa. Protecting Melissa.

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11 Responses to “Scandal” and “The Good Wife”

  1. nitethyme says:

    Both of these books are awesome. I am currently watching the series Lucifer. Believe it or not it isn’t demonic and is very entertaining. I’m not a TV watcher but I have my favorites like Game of Thrones and The Outlander. Linda

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  2. I like the new series Lucifer. Very disappointed with X-Files. Monsters, really? Monsters? There were so many other directions they could have gone. I also like Person of Interest and Limitless. I sometimes watch The Good Wife, but I’ve missed a lot and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. I’d rather be reading. Easier to keep my place and if I miss something I can go back and read again.

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  3. marymarvella says:

    I never sit still to read thee days. If I’m reading I’m editing and i keep the TV on as background.


  4. Lizzi Newton says:

    I also avoided watching “Scandal” because it looked like a trashy TV drama about a presidential affair. Meanwhile my nail tech who shares my fascination with the show “Blacklist” kept encouraging me to watch it. When I recently upgraded to a “Smart” TV (and it is very smart) I scanned Netflix to see what was new and different. I decided to take a look at “Scandal”, Darn it, I was hooked. I proceeded to hook my sister and my husband (to a lesser degree). Some episodes are wacky (killers in the White House? A presidential mistress sharing the man’s White House bedroom?) and some are fascinating. The characters interact in devilishly creative ways, I find myself often rooting for the bad guys who are really “white hats”, and frantically munching my way through bowls of microwave popcorn while sipping inexpensive wine in commiseration with Olivia Pope. I can’t wait for the start of the new season! Thank heavens for DVR’s. Blacklist is on at the same time and I would hate to run from one room to another or place two televisions side by side in order to watch them simultaneously.


  5. I watched the first two seasons of Scandal. After that the plot line became to unbelievable. What president would send American troops into danger just to save his mistress? Not one I can admire. I’m not in love, or even like, with any of the characters. None of them are admirable, except for maybe Mellie. Olivia Pope is a hot mess.

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  6. Mary, I’ve seen a few episodes of Sandal and I liked it. I haven’t seen the second season. I try not to get addicted to a show because it usually bites into my writing time. I haven’t seen the Good Wife but hear that its a good show.
    The romance with the president is what drew me to the show. Do I want that in my life? No. But we’re talking fiction here.


  7. marymarvella says:

    Thanks for stopping by! Since the show is about more than that I watch it. There are some plots on both shows!


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