Do you read memoirs?  I’m editing a memoir and I have questions.

Do you read memoirs about people who aren’t famous?

Do your favorite memoirs read like fiction with scenes and dialogue?

Do you like short chapters in memoirs?

Do you expect sensory details in scenes?

What are your favorite memoirs and why? I don’t read much non fiction these days, but I did read biographies and remember liking the ones that felt like fiction.

Respond to one or more questions and I’ll give you a PDF of Forever Love, a novella about timeless love.

Forever Love cover

Like my Facebook page and comment and I will send you a PDF of “The Christmas Promise.” This is not the typical short story. A woman must recover from abuse from her husband and help her kids deal at the same time.

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8 Responses to Memoirs

  1. nitethyme says:

    I never read memoirs. Sorry, I have no advice to offer. Linda


  2. Lizzi Newton says:

    I love memoirs, whether they are about famous people or just ordinary people. I do enjoy them to read like fiction with all the dialogue and details of settings and feelings a good fiction would contain. I understand that the dialogue may not be exact, but the it’s important for me to be able to relate to the story teller. Often people will remember how they felt about something more clearly than what they actually said. It’s especially important to me to be able to “see” the settings. I hope this helps a little.


  3. marymarvella says:

    It does help. My client was a missionary to Brazil. She summarizes and tells more than she shows. She can write well and has a southern voice, but she stops too soon. I tell her often that I want to experience the conversations and be there with her. Thanks! So, do you want the novella with the sexy cover?


  4. bethtrissel says:

    Yes, I do like memoirs that read like a journal, with good descriptions. I wrote one. 🙂

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  5. marymarvella says:

    You have done a lot of things!


  6. Does Lady Chatterly’s lover count? No, I don’t read memoirs. I would read one if it were historical, a period piece. I found some diaries in the college library and they were a good source for the flavor of the times. A memoir wouldn’t be as historically accurate because it would rely on the memory of the author and would be the product of the times it was written in, not the time period being detailed. Does that make sense? Sorry, I’m no help.


  7. marymarvella says:

    It does make sense. Thanks for the comment!


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