Walmart on a Saturday Night

I hate do-it-yourself checkouts! Saturday night I went to a Walmart for the first time in ages. I avoid shopping there since I always walk out with more things than I had on my list. Besides, there isn’t one that’s convenient for me. I bit the bullet after working with a student on an essay past 11 PM and headed toward one.

I really needed ink for my printer.  I’d put off buying printer ink because it costs an arm and a leg at Office Depot. I have an aversion to paying full price for anything. Proud that I had remembered several items I needed at good prices, I pushed my cart up to the checkout area. Sheer panic replaced my excitement.

There were NO cashiers at the registers. I actually got in line and then out three times.  I was within seconds of walking out empty-handed. Those registers make me feel like a two year old in a middle school math class. I couldn’t have been much more embarrassed if I’d had a split in my jeans.  After a young lady tried to help me scan my items,  a clerk showed up and rescued me. I could have hugged the young lady who tried to help when other shoppers gave me the you’re-slowing-us-down stink-eye.

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Tell me about times when you felt helpless and out of sync with the rest of the world. 

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9 Responses to Walmart on a Saturday Night

  1. nitethyme says:

    I hate those self checkouts too!! Glad someone helped you.

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  2. Barbara Monajem says:

    LOL. I don’t mind the self-checkout, but I prefer to go to a cashier — I just like talking to another human being, I guess. I never go to the self-checkout if I have fruits and veggies, though — just too time-consuming for me, when the cashier already knows all the codes by heart.

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  3. marymarvella says:

    I’m with you, Barbara, I expect to talk to a person at a library and and at a grocery store!


  4. Lizzi Newton says:

    I can totally relate to your experience. Every single time I attempt to use a self checkout something goes wrong. The first couple of times things went awry i thought I just did something wrong. By the third time I figured it out. The self checkouts hate me. They have little sensors that react to me and perk up at my approach. Delighted to watch me sweat and swear as lines build up behind me, they will repeatedly ask me to “scan again”, “put my purchase in the bag”, or close out my order before I finish. I have found my method of revenge. I walk up to the self checkout, stand there a few moments while it senses me and prepares to disrupt my order. Then I calmly walk away and go to a cashier. Too bad little machine, I’ve got your number.

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  5. marymarvella says:

    And that’s the reason I love having you as a friend!


  6. Josie says:

    I hear you, MM!


  7. I try to avoid Walmart, but since it is the only store that carries the flavor of Coffeemate I love, reluctantly I go now and then. Oh and flowers, I go to buy flowers. Will have to go if it ever get warm. Had to move my new ferns inside yesterday!

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  8. marymarvella says:

    I slid 3 plants inside my garage last night.


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