I Love Irises



This poor flower was heavier than its stem.

I love flowers, but they survive at my house in spite of me. Years ago I gathered bulbs from Mama’s house and then from an aunt.I put the bulbs from Mama’s house into a plastic trash bag and forgot about the bag. The bulbs from my aunt’s house were in a box, also neglected. A lot was happening to me at that time so I forgot a lot of things. When I discovered the bag of smelly mess I tossed the bulbs onto the ground, figuring I had lost something from Mama. After a while I forgot them. My yard guy tossed cut grass and pine straw on the area, covering the forgotten iris bulbs. They took root and grew and flourished. Now the bulbs are so crowded they need to be separated. They aren’t blooming much now. Hmmm. Shall I find a new area and toss some of them there?

 Does this apply to writing? Maybe. Do you have stories you started but didn’t finish? Do you have stories you never submitted? Maybe you need to pull them out and revise them! You can self publish them.  Just a thought!

Something new will soon bloom!

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6 Responses to I Love Irises

  1. nitethyme says:

    Yes flowers survive despite me, too. They cringe when they see me coming! Linda

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  2. Josie says:

    Yes, these flowers apply to my writing. i’m currently dusting off and reworking some older manuscripts to publish.


  3. Debby Grahl says:

    I’m also working on a ten year old MS. It’s the first book I wrote and it’s a mystery cozy. At the time I was told cozies weren’t selling but romance was. So I began writing romance. I love this little cozy and hope someday it will get published.

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  4. bethtrissel says:

    Lovely post, MM. I love them too. Not blooming here quite yet.

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  5. marymarvella says:

    I might buy some deep pots again and plop some bulbs in them when the neighbors’ irises stop blooming. I had one purple and 3 yellow ones, if I didn’t miss some blooms.


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