Book Signings…Scary or Fun, Fun, Fun?

What do you take to a book signing except the obvious of course—books!  Do you take candy to attract the prospective purchaser?  Or swag and other giveaways like glossy cover flats and bookmarks.

I know we all struggle with how to promote a new book, and I’m in the same sinking ship with a book that is very  special to me starring my vampire hero who is also am accomplished pianist and an English lord due for release soon.  It’s called Morgan D’Arcy:  A Vampyre Rhapsody  and will be published The Wild Rose Press.  This is the cover.MorganDArcyAVampyreRhapsody_w10500_med

Now back to the subject at hand: book signings.  Do you stand and try to draw people in or sit and try to make eye contact with the potential reader?

I’ve had some pretty disappointing book signings.  I’m not very good at standing and hawking my books and usually meet with unsatisfactory results when I do.  I even take little individually wrapped scented votives with a card stapled to them, but people seem to think these are for special persons or purchasers and shy away from them.

So authors, any book signing advice?  Reader input would be wonderful on what attracts them to an author’s table

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8 Responses to Book Signings…Scary or Fun, Fun, Fun?

  1. I had my first solo book signing a few weeks ago. It was a three-day event, outside. The first day it rained. I knew nothing! I totally felt like a fish out of water that first day. I have to say, thanks to the Artisans at the Braselton Gallery for giving me the confidence I needed.

    The most important thing you can take to your book signing is ATTITUDE! You can’t sit back and hope people will see your cover, candy bowl, or other swag and come over to you. Maybe 40 % will. You have to lure the other 60% to you with your smile and your personality. No one wants to talk to a frown. And if you are at a signing with others, help sell their books as well! The person you are speaking with may not like the genre you write. However, if they prefer what the person next to you writes, then introduce that author and don’t be afraid to talk up their book. It will pay off. Even if that other author does not reciprocate. Trust me, others will see what you have done. So, the first things you need to pack is a huge smile and a positive attitude! And don’t forget your books.

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  2. Josie says:

    Excellent advice, Georgiana!

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  3. marymarvella says:

    I’ve been part of 4 signings. 3 Gilded Dragonfly arranged and we had refreshments and a launch party at a coffee shop. People who came bought a few books. I did a small one in a library and the people who came for me bought. I had candy for my table. For GRW with 50 authors I sold not one book. There were FEW non authors there. I don’t count the conference signings with too few folks who wouldn’t already have my book

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  4. nitethyme says:

    I’m glad you are selling! My sales are slow


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