Bronco Boys Spotlight: Clayton and Quinton Bronco


Clayton and Quinton Bronco

If you’re following along with my new series, you’re discovering the various family members. With a family the size of the Bronco’s: Mother, Father, 2 sets of grandparents, 9 boys, 1 girl, and one very irresistible granddaughter, you kind of get lost in the shuffle. Shhh…that’s a secret, they all feel that way and think their unique…silly siblings.

That’s why Clayton and Quinton were so attracted by the Rodeo. It was them against the world. The twins are truly unstoppable: team roping, tie-down roping, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, and bull riding. They do it all.

Clayton in the black hat and Quinton in the white are  are currently in first and second place in rodeo standings. Their single-minded focus for being on top is all they need.


Until…you knew that was coming…Andie and Griffin Garrison. Griffin was in 4th place overall until a friend of the twins died, putting Griff in 3rd place. The death sent the boys reeling and not doing their best, and now Griff is in first place. Andie does barrel racing and ranked #2 over all.


Add a bunch of crazy bulls to the mix: Weedwacker, Talliwacker, and Hector the Ejector and a few of their friends and there’s no telling what will happen, including a stare-out with a bull that just happens to like chocolate.

Except from:The Ride of His Life:

Animal after powerful animal followed one another into the back pens. What made smart men want to ride these crazy beasts? They weren’t her idea of a thrill ride.

Weedwacker blazed through the chute, puffing and snorting his entrance as he trotted over to stand before her, finally settling down when the wranglers departed.

She tore open the wrapper of a king size candy bar and took a bite, needing the chocolate and nutty caramel pick-me-up.

Of all of the crazy absurdities, she found herself in a staring match with the bull. Huge black eyes boring into hers, not for a second did it blink, great wads of slobber dripping from his mouth. He blew his nose then his huge tongue lolled out and licked its nostrils clean.

She grimaced then straightened, her nose curled disgusted by the animal’s hygiene.

The beefy bovine stomped his feet directly in front of her, his big snout smacked the bar. He forced an explosive breath through his nose then bellowed and lurched toward her as if he wanted her snack. His snorts and grunts amplified in the air around her while his horns clanged between the metal fencing.

She stumbled and jumped back at the ruckus he made and dropped the candy bar, wrapper and all. It bounced inside the pen. The animal blustered out a snort of air fanning dirt in all directions, eyeing her as if he actually thought she’d try to retrieve it. He went for it and gobbled it up.

What the heck was she supposed to do now? The damn bull stole her snack.

This story will be out in August, more later as I get the details.




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3 Responses to Bronco Boys Spotlight: Clayton and Quinton Bronco

  1. Debby Grahl says:

    Sounds hilarious!


  2. Josie says:

    Looks to be a great read!


  3. marymarvella says:

    I do love cowboys! Sounds like fun!


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