Celebrate the Watermelon!

Hampton 1_0209          This past weekend,in the 95 degree heat, David and I, along with other Lowcountry authors, were asked to participate in the 74th Annual Watermelon Festival in Hampton County, SC. This is the longest continuous festival in the state. They not only have a Miss Hampton County Watermelon Festival, there is a full week of events including a wonderful parade, a watermelon seed spitting contest, live bands, and an eclectic group of vendors, from authors to artists, all kinds of crafts, and naturally food, food and more food. Especially great BBQ sliders and free watermelon slices!


We came home with a watermelon the size of a Volkswagen Bug. Thankfully our neighbors took some, but it’s so sweet and good, I don’t think we’ll have a problem finishing off our share.

During the summer, festivals like this are held all over the country. It’s a wonderful way for people to eat, drink and enjoy each other.


Debby Grahl



About Debby Grahl

Romance author. My first book, The Silver Crescent, a paranormal romance was released Jan, 2014. Rue Toulouse, a romantic suspense set in New Orleans, is available now.
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4 Responses to Celebrate the Watermelon!

  1. Pamela Devereux says:

    I understand about how hot it is. Unfortunately my husband and kids don’t eat watermelon. I know, where did my genes go. I get one and hopefully after several days, I can eat the whole thing. If not, I try to find someone to help me.

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  2. nitethyme says:

    Hope you did well with your books! I love watermelon. I could have eaten my way through the festival. Sounds like fun except for the heat. Linda

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  3. Josie says:

    Sounds really good, Debby. A watermelon that big? Wow!


  4. marymarvella says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying that watermelon!


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