Gylded Wings … Many Years Later!

Back in the dark ages when I first started writing, I had this brilliant idea to write about a fallen angel, first person POV, so I wrote I, Lucifer (not a bad guy or not too bad most of the time).  I worked on it on and off through the years.  It won a couple of non-published awards including the SARA (San Antonio Romance Writers).  But rejections came in from every publisher to whom I submitted the rather long book.  (I used to write LONG but now I find it difficult to write so verbosely).  I shelved it in my computer.

MorganDArcyAVampyreRhapsody_w10500_medOne day, after signing a contract with The Wild Rose Press, for my Morgan stories, releasing soon, I decided to try the book again with this new/old editor from the Black Rose line.  She published my first short story many moons ago.  She took it!  We should soon be in the editing phase.  I have the gorgeous cover created by Debbie Taylor for the publisher, though I sent a copy of an  original charcoal I’d purchased from Cheryl Mandus at a small Fantasy Con.  The cover artist took that drawing and created this (mostly freehand).  The editor changed the title to Gylded Wings (gylded is a word play on the hero’s name).

Hope your summer is going well.  I’m struggling with writer’s block. It’s hot and humid in the H-Town. I took my vacation in January–no beach trips to Caribbean sands this year!

Happy Friday!



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5 Responses to Gylded Wings … Many Years Later!

  1. Josie says:

    Gorgeous cover, Linda. Best wishes as you enter the editing phase. It’s the opposite of hot here in Ireland—raining and cold, but beautiful.

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  2. nitethyme says:

    Very envious! How long are you in Ireland for, Josie? Thanks for taking the time to comment! Linda


  3. marymarvella says:

    I remember this story well! I suspect this title will work for sales. It’s a wonderful story!

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