Discovering Family and Memories.


One of the younger members of the family of Marvella Melissa Mayfield and James Claude Overby went on a quest for family info. This dear 30 something granddaughter of one my favorite uncles reached out and grabbed my heart strings! Old family photos and family lists passed each other on our part of Facebook for the last 2 weeks. At 73 I have so many memories of people I will never see again but made me the person I am and plan to be. Cousins and aunts and uncles who are still alive chimed in and added photos and information. At the moment I LOVE Facebook!

In 1998 while Daddy, James Claude Overby, was in a nursing home, Mama and my daughter and I took a road trip from Macon, Georgia to Wautubee, Mississippi to attend a wedding. My cousin’s daughter made a lovely bride. Before the wedding my aunt Eloise, (I never called her aunt since she is only 4 years older than I am.) Mama and I stopped by my cousin’s house to cut blooms to take to Rose Hill cemetery across from the church. (There will be stories about that later) Eloise really wanted to put flowers on the graves of her parents and my Grandparents and there were no stores close. Mama married Daddy when they were only 17 and Eloise was a baby, so if Eloise wanted to put flowers on the graves, we would do just that. I guess we left Danielle to hang with other family members.


While Eloise and Mama worked with the flowers and arranged them just so, I looked at the names on the tombstones. My stomach dropped and my heart ached. Chills shook me so badly I had to walk away. The names Marvella Melissa Overby and James Claude Overby reached out to me as if to tell me something. My name beside Daddy’s name on tombstones! I was right there alive, but Daddy was in a nursing home in bad health! Even now I fight tears when I think about that! Mama and Eloise know me well! They let me recover and we went to the wedding. I have photos and negatives somewhere, unless I gave them all to family.

I wrote Haunting Refrain after my parents died and my husband and I separated. The story grew from much of the pain and grief I felt, but it holds even more of the love I have for family!

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6 Responses to Discovering Family and Memories.

  1. Visiting the family plot in the cemetary is often filled with emotion. One can’t help but feel the love and grief that is sheltered there.

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  2. marymarvella says:

    Thanks! Very true. Seeing my name and Daddy’s freaked me out, too.


  3. Josie says:

    Yes, lots of emotion here, MM. Thanks for sharing.

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