Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

Thanksgiving is near, and I’m assuming you have the perfect recipes for Thanksgiving dinner.


Instead, I’ll concentrate on some great conversation starters to ensure a smooth, pleasant meal for your family and friends. Here’s some safe ideas that should maintain everyone’s interest at your table and won’t ruffle any feathers. (Pun intended!) 🙂

First, let’s talk turkey. Did you know that the turkey nearly became extinct? Or that an adult turkey has between five and six thousand feathers on its body?


Other ideas:

What are you most thankful for? (a classic)

What does your name mean? If a person doesn’t know, ask, what would you like your name to mean that reflects you and your personality?

If you could be transported into the future, where would you like to go?

If you could be transported back into the past, what would be your favorite time period and why?
Tell the younger kids to blink their eyes and imagine this scenario. Adults could have fun with this, too.
Do you have interesting conversation starters while you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving meal?

Please share in the comments section below.


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  1. marymarvella says:

    I’ll try to remember the turkey info to share. Another lovely cover!

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