Glass Panes Take a Dive

Good Freezing Monday evening!


Window treatment!

How much colder can one missing windowpane make a house? Well, when the temps drop to below 20 degrees, a lot colder! Saturday evening I noticed the furnace and the space heater I often use instead of pushing the thermostat up weren’t keeping parts of my house warm. Some areas of my downstairs are often chilly, but I don’t spend a lot of time in them. Maybe it’s because of windows that should be double paned. Maybe it’s because of space around the front door. The house is over 25 years old, so who knows? Maybe it’s because of a ghost or two. (Just kidding)

Saturday I worked and edited until late and decided at 3 AM I’d turn off my Christmas tree and head to bed. (Yes, my tree is still up.) The hall to the dining room was so cold I piled a carpet against the door to stop the lower draft. It didn’t help, so I walked into the little parlor room with a bay window. The room was freezing! No ghostly hand touched my shoulder. No spirit showed itself in a shadowy form. The old piano didn’t play by itself.

I checked window by window and nearly froze when I approached a window near the inside wall. Mother nature sent enough cold air to keep food frozen. I had to aim the small lamp in the room to see the window section that didn’t reflect the light. The pane wasn’t there. It wasn’t on the floor. By then it was pushing 4 AM.

I hurried to the kitchen to grab cardboard to tape over the space. Instead of cardboard I grabbed a plastic bag, since snow or rain could happen. Armed with the bag and tape, I knelt to cover the space. It should have worked, but touching the pane on the right of the hole resulted in a second hole. The glass jumped outside. Not good!

I carefully taped the plastic to the wood frame around the two holes. Since I feared more panes would jump outside, I grabbed two rolls of Christmas paper. I taped clear plastic over the entire window and then taped a roll of foil paper over that. The problem isn’t gone, but my tacky solution will have to do until our crazy temperatures rise and I can rescue the glass that tried to commit suicide or go buy replacement glass and caulking stuff! Global warming? Really?


The first snow on my new deck!


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9 Responses to Glass Panes Take a Dive

  1. Sorry about your window! It’s too cold to have to worry about something like that. I once went to raise a window in my son’s room and the entire window jumped track, I was left hanging onto the window and screaming for help. I managed to hold on to the window and hubby put it back in. We sold the house a while later, or we’d have had to replace those windows. We replaced all the windows in our current house when we bought it a few years ago. The first year we were here the house was so cold it was like all the windows were open. Now with the new windows it stays warm with no drafts.

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  2. marymarvella says:

    New windows might take a while, but heavy plastic inside might help! At least I wasn’t holding on to an entire window!


  3. Josie says:

    Your outside looks like mine. Cold with some snow. Hopefully you’ll solve your draft problem a little at a time.

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  4. I shivered as I followed your wintry journey through your house! How horrible because window repair isn’t cheap. I’m glad it isn’t in the 20s in Houston.

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  5. bethtrissel says:

    Wow, MM. Now THAT is cold. Bad enough here in the Shenandoah Valley but you are much worse. I hope you get this window replaced soon!

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