My New Project, Editing Webinars


I’m up to my neck in plans for a webinar! Check it out!

The letter I’m sending out,

Editing Made Easy, A Free Webinar

I’m sure you realize the books you read have likely been edited by several editors. Can you afford to pay several editors? The more you know about editing the better your books will be. I’m not saying you don’t need an editor, but the cleaner your work, the easier your editor’s job will be. As a former language arts teacher and now a tutor, I take the different levels of editing seriously.

Here is your invitation to attend a free webinar on self-editing made easy.

I will share the errors and problem areas I encounter when I am editing for Gilded Dragonfly Books and as a freelance editor and ways to fix those errors. I will show you ways to spot errors in your writing before you send it out.

Sparkle and Spit Polish, Self-editing Magic

Hosted by Mary Marvella Edits

02/07/2017 07:00 PM

Your webinar registration link:


Mary Marvella

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4 Responses to My New Project, Editing Webinars

  1. A worthy offering, MM. Thanks. I’m the comma queen. Not!

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  2. Mary,

    Do you want to leave this up for several days? I haven’t scared up anything to post tomorrow and won’t if you would like this to run longer. Let me know!

    Danielle seems to be enjoying her new job so much! I would too! Wonder if they want a Little Old Lady from Pasadena (TX)? 🙂

    Linda Nightingale – Author

    Out of the Ordinary..Into Extraordinary Realms


    • marymarvella says:

      Since Joanne will post Sunday, that’s fine.

      Yes,Danielle loves selling! She has always loved luxury cars.You might check the dealerships in your area, unless you plan to come to Atlanta.


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