Review of A Man Beyond Reproach by Evelyn Pryce. A Montlake Romance

manabovereproachcover-002Elias Addison, Earl of Lennox, always does what’s expected of him. Therefore, when his father dies leaving massive debts, he foregoes staying at university and accepting a professorship to pay them and assure his little sister the debut she deserves.

Why? Because it’s expected.

Lately, however, Elias has been having secretly rebellious thoughts…like what would have happened if he’d been born a stable boy instead of a noble.

In an attempt to distract him, best friend Nicholas, takes him to an establishment called the Sleeping Dove. It is there he meets the woman called “the Bawdy Bluestocking” and his life is changed forever, for Josephine Grant is a woman on a mission.  Left with only a small bookstore when her father dies, she supplies music at the Sleeping Dove in the evenings. She also helps the girls of the Dove escape to better lives.

Elias is attracted to Josephine and immediately begins paying her attention she neither wants nor expects.

 “How much will buy your exclusive company for the evening?”

“I am sure that you have been informed that this is not an option.”

“I am not asking to share your bed,” he said curtly. “I am asking for the freedom to speak with you whenever I wish.”

Elias pursues, Josephine flees, pausing long enough for conversation now and then. Neither admits they are falling in love.

Now there’s more at stake than whether Elias can melt Josephine’s defenses. He has to save her as well as discover who she really is, for he’s learned she was once a part of that nobility she now condemns…and they don’t want her back.

There are choices to be made and Elias makes them. Some of his decisions seem extreme, several absurd, but one is most definitely right because it comes from his heart . . .

…and it isn’t expected.

This is a delightful Regency tale, full of that wonderful give-and-take dialogue one comes to relish in such a story. Both Elias and Josephine are well delineated as seen by each other and by their peers. The sins and secrets of their society are pointed out and contrasted to the way both think and how each tries to solve them.

A love story between two strongly opinionated people, it’s also the tale of what happens when a man considered above reproach by his peers does what he wants and not what society expects of him.toni

A full-length in-depth review of this novel is posted by Toni V. Sweeney at the New York Journal of Books Online.

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3 Responses to Review of A Man Beyond Reproach by Evelyn Pryce. A Montlake Romance

  1. Josie says:

    I love a good Regency, Toni, and…A Man Above Reproach. Best wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tvsweeney says:

    Thanks, Josie. It was fun reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. marymarvella says:

    You made it sound like a good story! Thanks!


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