I’m not a Nightingale. Shush…I’m a Magpie!

These self-discoveries come to haunt us, right?

Bling, Bling!sterling-silver-rectangular-clear-cz-pendant-8-002

Isn’t it said Magpies are attracted to shiny objects.  Well, there I am.  I love sparkles!  My recent obsession has been large, gawdy CZ jewelry.  Thing is most of it is actually beautiful – not like its real counterpart – but sparkly!

I bought a large emerald cut ring, drop earrings to match and a bling watch (Marquise cut fantasia).  Now, I must STOP. My Discover card is screaming.  Contrary to my original opinion, CZs are no longer cheap. Maybe the design has altered. They are very clear and (sparkly) glitter and shine.  By the standards of the Olden Days, they are no longer inexpensive.  The emerald cut ring wasn’t ANYTHING like a diamond price-wise, but I did experience sticker shock expecting below $20. But it is a ROCK.

r382-2-002I’ll be in England visiting my son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren in May. My daughter-in-law came clean and admitted to being a Magpie.  I bought a pair of glittering earrings for her. My granddaughter, a budding young Magpie, has a prom for graduation from what is elementary school here.  She’s shopping for her prom dress with grandma.  She’ll get some nice bling, too.

Do you like shiny things? You may be a closet Magpie. And genuine diamonds aren’t the only way to shine.  Bling! Bling!

There are several good on-line marketers:  Most expensive, Berricle—high quality; Mid-range: Bling Jewelry and Palm Beach Jewelry; and very good prices: Dreamland Jewelry.  I now tend to shy away from eBay because you find jewelry from the above on eBay at a markup.

Visit me at http://www.lindanightingale.com – Not for Bling, but for Books. Bling and books go together, don’t they.

Happy Friday before Valentine’s Day.  You may want your honey to buy some bling.


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4 Responses to I’m not a Nightingale. Shush…I’m a Magpie!

  1. Josie says:

    I love bling, Linda. Any works for me. Thanks for the recommendations, and best wishes on your upcoming trip to England!


  2. I became way to into bling this month! I have my quota. Thanks for the well wishes, Josie!


  3. bethtrissel says:

    I didn’t know about all of this potential bling. Wow. What fun.


  4. marymarvella says:

    I love my flash and trash! But I suspect your flash is more expensive than mine!


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