Robot Wars!

This isn’t sci-fi but a tale of two bots–robotic vacuum cleaners!  In June, I hurt my back and it has gotten steadily worse.  I can’t use the heavy Dyson I have, so I purchased a bObsweep Pet Hair vacuum early last fall.  As one who tends to anthropomorphize, I liked receiving his birth certificate and calling him ‘Bob’.  Bob worked great for the first 6 weeks. 20140613_233333 He learned the house and picked up the cat hair and kitty litter all over the house.  I have a long-haired cat with tufts on his paws, and he tracks litter everywhere.

So, I was delighted with Bob.  Then…he started having mental problems.  He’d get in a loop and go in circles. Obviously, Bob was sick.  I talked with his creator, and was told he needed to see a doctor.  Sadly, I packed Bob up and sent him to hospital.  In a few days, he was back!  I set him to work but he wasn’t the cleaning machine he had been. I tried for several days and realized Bob was not the same.  I secured a refund and bought….

an iRobot Roomba which was much more expensive but was supposed to be the be all and end all of robot vacuums.  After a couple of weeks, he hadn’t learned the house nor did he clean up the pet hair and kitty litter the way Bob did.  Granted, he was much better at getting over obstacles. However, I was dissatisfied with Asimov as I called him. I’d purchased him from Overstock and they issued a return label and almost a full refund.

bobsweepThe end of this story is…I ordered another Bob, this time in red.  So, this may or may not actually be the end of the tale.  I’ll let you know in time.

All that said, I do think robot vacuums are worth it. I hope I stay of that opinion.  Happy Friday!  Linda

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5 Responses to Robot Wars!

  1. Josie says:

    LOL! I actually have an irobot that I haven’t used in a while. How could I have forgotten about “Bob”? LOL!

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  2. Did you have a Bob that gave you problems? I just ordered another one. He did a great job before he went mad. I think the reason I didn’t like the iRobot was that it is a brushless model.

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  3. marymarvella says:

    I loved this! It sounded so Linda! I wouldn’t turn one loose in my house,because of the clutter, but now I want one as a pet! Thanks for the smiles!

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  4. marymarvella says:

    Reblogged this on MaryMarvella and commented:

    I need a new post, but for now, let this one make you smile!

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