My First Published Novel – Gemini Rising

My 5-year contract with the current publisher is up in June of this year and I’ve asked for my rights back. The book is controversial, though it has gotten good reviews, I was surprised when Double Dragon sent me a contract.

Long story short, when I get my rights back, we’re changing the title to Gemini Unveiled (or Gemini Revealed)–which do you like better–and Class Act is going to publish it under the new title.  Of course, I have to “fiddle” with it before I send it in, maybe toning down the love scenes and cutting a few. Or maybe I’ll leave it as it is.

I can thank Toni Sweeney for the two titles, both of which are good.  That is the original cover and it will be a challenge coming up with a new one.  Simon, my son, does covers for Class Act, and it will be his challenge.

The tag line is: One man, one woman–two hearts, one love…forbidden love. Only together can they be complete.


Remember the dog sags? I’m driving about 2 hours north on Saturday to meet the lady from the rescue group and adopting Wilson – who shall become Wilson Nightingale, Duke of Windsor, lovingly called Windsor.

Here’s a pix after his first bath upon being rescued from wandering beside the road when his family abandoned him and his siblings. He is part Coton de Tulear, which is what I wanted.

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Windsor!

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One Response to My First Published Novel – Gemini Rising

  1. Josie says:

    Yay, Linda! Congrats!


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