Motel Hell, What Would You Do?

M.J. Flournoy (Melba Moon) and I attend a lot of workshops together. For one such workshop there were no reasonably priced rooms near the workshop venue. I went on Priceline to find a room. When I found a good price I booked our room for 2 nights. Many people know that booking anything from Priceline often requires a nonrefundable payment. So. I paid for our room. The motel room wasn’t one with a 5 star rating or even a 4 star. Since it was in a nice town and near the workshop venue we figured we could make it work.

When we checked in and went to our room we found the door lock loose. On the way to grab supper we reported this to the manager. He assured us it would be repaired by  the time we returned. It wasn’t, so we tried to get our money back. After reminding me the deposit I had paid was nonrefundable, the manager let me cancel the second night.

Since we knew there were no available rooms around the area, we propped a chair against the door, used the lock that did work, and slept in our clothes. I’m not done yet!

When we got up after sleeping very little I spotted a hair in the sink too short and black to be mine or Melba’s. We took pictures of that and a stain and short hairs I found on my sheets near the bottom of the bed.  Melba found a stain on her bed, too! Good thing we slept in our clothes!  Showing the photos of the hair to the manager on our way out accomplished almost nothing,  since we had stayed in the room. His explanation that sometimes linens came from the laundry with fuzz, even though they had been through scalding hot washes and hot driers, did nothing to make me feel better!

He did offer us coupons for discounts later, but we chose to post on social media and travel sites instead.

What would you have done?

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2 Responses to Motel Hell, What Would You Do?

  1. Josie says:

    We have had some horrible experiences in our years of traveling, MM. I would have vacated that room in a hurry! Leave a scathing review on trip advisor, too, to warn other travelers.


  2. marymarvella says:

    Thanks, Joanne. We did!


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