A First I’d Prefer To Forget!

One week ago I had a first I’d just as soon forget! For as long as I can remember I have been proud to announce that I still have my original organs. I see doctors only when I must to get prescriptions filled and I only take one regularly. I sleep off the flu! No doctor visit for me.

I’m always the slowest eater in a group. I don’t hurry, because I can’t. Since some foods make me cough, usually dry ones, I avoid most of those! Eating before I tutor doesn’t often happen. Liquid meals work best before I have to teach. My point is that I am a careful eater!

Last week I had prepared fish and spinach and was looking forward to enjoying my tasty dish!  I dug in for two bites! The first made my taste buds happy. The second one made my esophagus close! I’m not talking allergy but stubborn muscles! I could breathe fine. I just couldn’t drink or eat anything. Even saliva stopped at the spot where the fish lodged. Relaxing in my chair didn’t work. Heading to bed to rest didn’t work. NOTHING worked! This event was not the first referenced in the title. A Thanksgiving meal 20 years ago was spoiled by that first hungry bite and the stubborn tube that was supposed to take my food down to my stomach.

I missed helping photograph a wedding because of one bite of cheese and lunch meat. Anything can cause that problem to a lesser degree. It seldom lasts more than a few minutes.

Back to last week. 7 hours after the bite stopped its natural pathway I had tired of having my saliva come back up. So I prepared for a first I hoped wouldn’t happen. I dressed, hoping making the decision to deal the the problem would make it go away. Then I got into my car and drove to the hospital. The problem persisted. Yes I was making my first trip to the emergency room!  At 74 I made my first trip to the emergency room because my esophagus had closed and wouldn’t open. I don’t go to the emergency room! But I did!

That was not my favorite first! When the doctors and nurses told me I shouldn’t have waited, I knew I hadn’t wussed out. The food removal made it better! Time for the procedure to widen my wimpy esophagus!  Meanwhile, slow eater Mary is being slower eater Mary!

And folks say I’m stubborn!

Another first! Recently I edited and then published this anthology or collection!  Check it out if you know someone who likes short reads that make a person feel good or raise low spirits for any reader!







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One Response to A First I’d Prefer To Forget!

  1. Josie says:

    MM, so scary! So glad you went to the hospital and things are better.


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