Rope a Cowboy for Only $2.99–What a Deal!!

A cowboy is highlighted in the sunset and is looking down.

The Cowboys of Clark’s Folly is now in PRINT! and to celebrate the publisher, Gilded Dragonfly Books, has placed the eBook on sale for only $2.99. Authors MM Mayfield  and MJ Flournoy asked me to join them and Carol Shaughnessy in this anthology of love and romance in Texas.

An excerpt from my story Return to Folly (the hero Ash meets the heroine Trish):

Behind him, Charlie said, “Quarter Horses race, too.”

“Faster than a Thoroughbred in a quarter-mile.” Ash spun on his boot heel. Giving Charlie a thumbs-up.

“Best you remember that.” An average-looking woman of average height stepped to Charlie’s side. She didn’t smile.

Squinting in the sun, Ash sized up a girl about his age. On closer examination, he decided she was striking in a non-fancy way. Dirty blonde hair fell over one big brown eye. An elegant hand stained with hoof polish swiped the silky strands back from a high forehead. The unsmiling mouth was generous and wide. Feed her and clean her up and she’d be a presentable…opponent. The look in her eyes was as unwelcoming as Deanne’s steely gaze.

He snapped a smart salute, mocking her stance. “I’ll do that, ma’am. I’m Ash McGowan. You are?”

“Trish.”  One word. No introduction, more or less bugger off.

Tempted to exercise his unused English accent, he said, “My pleasure, Trish. I presume you work with the horses.”

“Right presumption.”

“Maybe I’ll see you around the stables.” He continued to the rear of the car, dismissing her as curtly as was polite, but smiling inside. What a feisty filly.

“The funeral is day after tomorrow,” Trish said loudly enough to carry. Her native Texan accent appealed to his ears. “Mrs. McGowan waited for you to get here.”

He froze with his hand on the hot trunk. Without turning, with voice like ice he spat, “Thank you for telling me.”

“You didn’t know?”  The incredulous question burst from the gutsy Trish.

Gritting his teeth on the pain, he rammed the key into the lock. “No one told me.” He hoisted his valise and faced a sea of surprised faces. Glaring at Deanne, he halted in front of her and could no longer resist. “Were you going to wait until after the funeral to advise me of the date, Mrs. McGowan?” He added sarcastic emphasis to her supposed title.

At least the woman had the decency to look shocked. “Ash!”

“Dad had my number.” Whether you knew it or not, we talked often. His tense jaw ached. “You could have called.”

She merely glared back at him, a queen confident in her authority.

Ash shot her a thunderous parting glance and stepped around the female hellhound, not respecting her boundaries. Staring straight ahead, he edged through the spectators. He felt their eyes on him, but his path to the door didn’t waver. He’d never been angry enough to kill before. In those few heartbeats staring into her eyes, white-hot fury blazed through him.

As he strode past, Trish’s incredulous accusation echoed in the country stillness. “Mrs. McGowan?”

The girl was brazen to the point of irritation, but she was brave challenging the reigning monarch of Marathon Ranch. Another surge of anger burned his stomach. He planned to bring the intruder’s false reign to an end.

Have a fabulous weekend! The Amazon links for Cowboys are:  Ebook and Print

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4 Responses to Rope a Cowboy for Only $2.99–What a Deal!!

  1. Josie says:

    Wow! Great writing, Linda! Best wishes on the paperback.


  2. marymarvella says:

    Great job, pal! And the half naked cowboys aren’t bad, either!


  3. bethtrissel says:

    Excellent writing. This collection sounds terrific. Cowboys work too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks Beth! I enjoyed writing about horses (of course) and cowboys!

    Liked by 1 person

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