Of Flowers, Turtles and Friends

I love this photo because I adore flowers and because a dear friend insisted on helping me prop it up in the rain for a good photo.The big deal abut that is that a light sprinkle became real rain while we worked, but my friend insisted we keep working until we got it right.  I no longer have a gladiola in my yard. Maybe I need to get some bulbs and long sticks for next year. I also love the blooms waiting to replace the ones blooming. As a writer I always have stories that show themselves when I’m working on a project. The stories in my head are like the buds waiting to bloom.



This jewel I found as I was leaving a tutoring session.  It reminded me of wedding bouquets and Mother Nature’s good work and staring off in space or gazing at the stars.


Who me? This colorful guy carries his house around like I make my car look as though I live out of it. Actually, I keep spare clothes in the back seat and tutoring materials, just in case, as well as long sleeved shirts and light jackets for those times I might need one in a cold place.

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6 Responses to Of Flowers, Turtles and Friends

  1. Josie says:

    Love these photos, MM. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love the pics MM. I live down here in what seems as hot as Hades. And I love the flowers you get with seasons, we don’t have them. I am sorry for being absent, but I do think of you all!

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  3. Love the pix of the toi-toi (as one of my kids used to call turtles). Are those flowers really in your garden or are they from Walmart? (Private joke)

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