Calling Bianca Swan. Oh, Bianca, where are you?

Erotic Romance author Bianca Swan wrote two novellas published by The Wild Rose Press and one full-length novel published by Double Dragon Publishing, a Canadian publisher…



I know Bianca well. I am Bianca. I was born to keep people at Linda’s work from finding out she wrote erotic romance.  I wrote the first one, Hot Spanish Nights, about a dashing rejondeador (mounted bullfighter) and a Virginia socialite, on a dare with myself.  I wrote it.  It was accepted for publication, so I wrote Celestial Sin, about an an angel who plummets from the second war in heaven into a woman’s farmyard and her heart. I’ll let the book trailer tell you more.

On Wings of Desire, well, I started, as  I normally do, with the hero, a full-blown character telling me his story of being a demon who looked exactly like an angel and the trials and tribulations this caused him.

It seemed that my dare had then been satisfied.  I had written and published erotic romance and nary another story has presented itself to me to tell.  So, Bianca has exited stage left for the time being.  Her blog is dark and her pen silent. Adieu Bianca.

The book videos for the erotic offerings are:

Comment to win one of Bianca’s novellas! Your choice!!

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3 Responses to Calling Bianca Swan. Oh, Bianca, where are you?

  1. Josie says:

    Such an interesting way to present this post!


  2. Thanks, Josie, and I appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to comment.


  3. marymarvella says:

    Creative, like our Bianca/Linda! I love stories by both ladies!


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