The LAST Bloom for Summer and NEW Editing Book!

The high winds and torrential rain came and went last week. Knowing they were expected, I grabbed this lone bloom Sunday and hid it in my garage. It seems brighter and richer because it is likely the last bloom.


The main inconveniences were lack of power, so no Internet, and having my car trapped in the garage, so I couldn’t get out to tutor. Oh, and the no Internet thing prevented Skype sessions. Yes, I did try to use my laptop by candlelight.  I had done it before with success, but my newer laptop has black keys instead of white ones. After three hours of trying to see the letters I stopped and went to bed. The good things was that my power returned within 24 hours. I could have typed by daylight.

The other inconvenience was not being able to send a NEWEST version of my editing book to Amazon. In anticipation of weather related issues, I posted a pretty good version of my book, but I had planned to replace it with a BETTER one Monday afternoon, my deadline for changes before the ebook went live.

Weeding the Garden of Your Manuscript: What Editors Wish You Knew. is available on Amazon .com. The paperback version should be available soon!


This little book presents errors I correct every day as an editor. I tried to explain why these errors don’t work and ways to fix them in out own manuscripts. Wonderful books can be rejected because they need too much work.  Poorly written synopses and query letters can cause rejections. And the embarrassment of seeing errors after we hit send! (That’s a fragment.)

I am grateful my little geranium had this one last bloom and that my first nonfiction book is out!

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4 Responses to The LAST Bloom for Summer and NEW Editing Book!

  1. Sad in a way when flowers die but autumn will bring new colors to life.

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  2. Josie says:

    Very clever title for a very helpful book, MM! Glad your power was restored quickly.


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