One Night with the King.

There he stood, so handsome and magnetic! His voice send shivers over me. Elvis singing on Stage

Then he stepped down and moved around the room. All eyes followed him.

Elvis Side view

I remember the slender handsome young man of my youth. We had both aged, but the excitement in the air could not be denied. When he turned toward me we were the only two people in the crowded room. His gaze locked with mine, he sauntered toward me. His words drew me in deeper and deeper. “It’s Now or Never.”

“Now!” Each step made my pulse race faster, but he seemed to be in no hurry. By the time he stood close enough for me to touch him, which I dared not do,  he reached to the scarf around his neck.

“Yes! Now!”I wanted to shout the words.

The sound of fabric moving against fabric made me smile. The time had come! I swallowed hard and held my breath. When he looped the scarf around  my neck I could only stare and grin. He turned and walked away, but I had his scarf! (And a great view of his sexy ass!

My Elvis Scarf

Of course I got a photo of us!

Elvis and me.jpg

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3 Responses to One Night with the King.

  1. Wish I could have been there! We had a very special Valentines Day onboard ship though. I do love Elvis, even the impersonators. We used to have one here where I live and he drove a pink caddy.

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