Listening to Vivali’s Four Seasons and Preparing for a Book Signing

Today, the Arts Council of Anderson, SC (my once and future home) is sponsoring an art walk called Art on the Town.  I’ll be ensconced at the Old Farmer’s Market which is quite cute and quaint for signing my books.  I’m excited about my first appearance in my hometown.  I have 3 of each book ready to go and swag including scented candles wrapped in netting with a card stapled to the little packing, bookmarks and some new and exciting rack cards.  This is not a great scan but it gives you an idea.

The weather is beautiful. I hope it continues to be glorious for the evening.  The art walk is from 5-9 PM so anyone in the neighborhood–or surrounding towns–is invited.  There are prizes, the main one being $500 in the drawing.

I got my new Ying/Yang wig so I’m all set.  🙂  I’ll get someone to take a pic merely to show off the wig and my table with its  new satin-like tablecloth.  Found this cheap linen distributor on-line.  You always need a black satin tablecloth (Like at Halloween!).

Have a great Friday & come see me!!

Ever your servant,


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3 Responses to Listening to Vivali’s Four Seasons and Preparing for a Book Signing

  1. Josie says:

    So excited for you, Linda. It’s a beautiful day and I’m sure this event will go well for you!


  2. marymarvella says:

    You are getting settled in well by working and being seen. I hope you had a good time.

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