Gambler’s Choice – Now in Audio! Visit the World of Horses

Gambler’s Choice is an jumping event in a horse show where exhibitors choose their own course. Each jump is assigned a certain point value based on its difficulty, and the rider who accumulates the most points within a set amount of time is the winner.

Jumps can be taken from either direction. They must be verticals, walls or square oxers. Triple bars or oxers with a back rail higher than the front rail can only be negotiated safely from one direction. Generally, a single obstacle can only be jumped twice within the round. If a fence is knocked down, no points are earned and it can not be jumped again.

At the conclusion of each Gambler’s Choice round, a buzzer sounds. The competitor then has the opportunity to increase their score by taking the Joker Fence. This is a tall fence with a high point value.

If the horse clears the Joker successfully, those points are added to his score. However, if he knocks the Joker down, the points will be subtracted from the total. Typically most riders attempt the Joker, but there are usually a few horse and rider combinations who elect not to take the risk.

There is an increased emphasis on speed and tight turns, but generally it’s gallop and jump, turn, gallop and jump.

In Gambler’s Choice, my book, the hero and heroine race the clock as the villain ups the stakes in a deadly game that could end in another murder.  A romantic suspense set in beautiful Somerset, England in the horsey world.  The narrator is British and does a beautiful job of dramatization, not to mention that her voice is very pleasant to listen to.

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5 Responses to Gambler’s Choice – Now in Audio! Visit the World of Horses

  1. Josie says:

    So exciting for you, Linda, and I love audio books! Congrats!

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  2. Thanks, Josie. I have 3 now. Wish someone would pick up Gylded Wings.

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  3. marymarvella says:

    Your knowledge about horses is awesome and from experience, I know. I love that readers can now listen to this book!I hope your sales soar!

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