Doing the Highland Fling!

Yes, I’m happy dancing.  This week, I received two wonderful reviews from Night Owl Reviews!  One is for Gylded Wings, my dark fantasy romance; the other for my self- published The Summoning.  The Summoning received 5-stars and is a Top Pick.  Gylded Wings received 4-stars but the review reads like a 10-star!  😊  I can’t resist sharing them here.


I found “The Summoning” quite an interesting tale. It’s a paranormal romance read with shapeshifters, myth, magic, demons and witches. It will take the reader on an exciting ride to Jamaica.

Heather Morique didn’t know all the mystery that surrounded her husband Jahill before his death.  Now Heather’s son Ariel and her husband Jahill (an Arawak Indian) have died. She finds herself in Jamaica where she will meet up with her husband’s folks and the ancient gods they worship.

Eyrael is the God of Wind and Sea. His brother is Sofiel, the God of Fire and Earth. How will these two gods become so important to Heather?

It was very interesting to see these gods shift between god and animal. Eyrael is a horse and Sofiel is a bull. A shaman developed a plan to have the brother fight against each other hoping to obtain one deity for the Arawaks to worship. We soon find out that Heather is something she didn’t even know she was. She’s a witch. Heather starts to learn her magical skills as she helps Eyrael. He has to confront Sofiel and the shaman!  Readers are in for quite a battle for control.  Who will win out in the end?  Be ready for many adventures and vivid descriptions of Jamaica. The author really brings it to life and into full vivid color.

Many questions will be brought to the front of your mind. Who will make it out of this battle?  What will happen as Heather and Eyrael connect. They are very “unlikely soul mates”. But sometimes that is the best place to start a romance.

To get it all you will just have to pick up “The Summoning”. The author really delivers this tale well. You get very interesting characters and a story that will have you reading every page. Link:


If you’re in to paranormal tales with lots of fantasy you have come to the right romance book review. “Gylded Wings” will give you an entertaining romantic read.

This is the story of Gyldan, an angel born into slavery, and Brit the human sent to rescue him. Gyldan is trapped in Anachrys. This book involves a complex storyline with twists and turns that keep you wondering what will happen next. This isn’t a novel of two people spotting each other and tumbling into love. No, these characters have to work for it. Life goes on and finding love isn’t quick and tidy.

Gyldan’s had a hard life and he has a lot to discover. He suffers from uncertainty as well as the acceptance of the truth.  I liked Linda Nightingale’s description of Gyldan running from the castle. It was a horrible winter landscapes brought to life as Gyldan and Brit journeyed to the portal to Earth… which happened to connect to Miami. Having been treated so horribly in Anachrys as a slave and now being treated with great reverence was somewhat mystifying for Gyldan. Then he had to learn just who his rescuer was. It was very interesting and I was pulled into the story. As Gyldan is now in a new world and seems to have lost his memory he will have to learn and get help from his new friends. With his release Gyldan has developed new powers that that he has to learn to control. He’s not thinking about the ramifications and the harm his new powers can do to others. He has a steep learning curve.

As the story continues on will this angel truly be the slave Gyldan or will he become someone else?  Much more is between the pages of this paranormal romance novel. Lots of questions are asked and answered along the journey to love.

Many characters are introduced and will have you wanting more books in this series.  It’s now time for you to get this book and read this fantastic paranormal fantasy romance story. Link:

I did a misstep when I checked for reviews of Gylded Wings audio book and found one rating of 1-star for the story.  😦

Same book; different reviewers which illustrates the subjective nature of  reviews.  The one review was a bitter pill to swallow, so I re-read the Night Owl Review to make myself feel better.

Different strokes for different folks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And other old sayings.  Happy Friday! Linda

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  1. Josie says:

    Happy Friday, Linda! And congrats on the great reviews. Very well deserved.


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