My WIP, Sinners’ Waltz

Since I’ve been bad and didn’t prepare a post for today, I’m going to subject you to an excerpt from my WIP.  I’ve signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press on Sinners’ Opera, the book of my heart. Sinners’ Opera is Morgan’s story. He’s my favorite hero. He’s a classical pianist, an English lord…and a vampire. Sinners’ Waltz is the prequel to Sinners’ Opera.  I’m waiting for the rights on the sequel (Sinners’ Obsession) to revert to me, and it, too, will go to TWRP.

Sadly, with the re-release, this cover will no longer be used. My son did this for Double Dragon Publishing at the time of first publication.

If I have writer’s block, most often, I can write something in Morgan’s POV.

Sinners’ Waltz is about Morgan’s mortal life and the first years of his life as a vampire. Here’s a brief excerpt. Comments (including criticism!) welcome. 🙂

A soft voice in my ear assured me, “You’re mine forever now. You’ll never dare love another.” Dominique opened her mind, as she’d opened her body. The onslaught of her thoughts subsided in the instant they invaded.

“We now share like no mortal can ever share. Outside earthly bounds.” She glided up and down… “Do you feel it now? You know how sex is for me, and I know how it feels to you.”

The transformation of Morgan D’Arcy into the vampire Morgan D’Arcy was agony, but the pleasure Dominique gave me diluted the terrible experience with passion. Drowning in new sensations, I was wise enough to know that I was no longer lord of my own fate. As the mortal surrendered to the immortal, every particle of me changed. I became a different creature. I did not die but came incredibly alive, every sense magnified. Gradually, while she rode me, the pain left me in the throes of desire such as I’d never known. We battled each other, and I felt her release building. The moment came to both of us at the same time, and I released on a cry as she, too, cried out at the intensity of our coupling.

She hauled me up and stood me before one of the many mirrors littering the walls and floor. I was afraid of the young man staring at me from the looking glass. Could that really be me? His blond hair gleamed, and his blue eyes glowed from within. Something was wrong. I leaned nearer. My eyes had changed, the pupils vertical slits. I smiled at my reflection. Small, efficient fangs dented my lower lip.

I spun, gripping Dominique’s arm. “What’s happening to me?”

“You wanted eternity. I gave it to you.”

Church bells tolled, their peals echoing around the city. A deep sadness welled inside me. It was Christmas. I’d become a vampire on the holiest night of the year.


Have a beautiful day!


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7 Responses to My WIP, Sinners’ Waltz

  1. Josie says:

    Ooh, Linda, love it!


  2. Thanks, Josie. You know how it is when you’re starting a new project. Sometimes, you just don’t know if it is okay,


  3. marymarvella says:

    Reblogged this on M. M. Mayfield, Love, Lust, and Southern Comfort and commented:



  4. marymarvella says:

    Okay? NAH. lush and wonderful? YES! Do you channel Morgan or does he channel you?


  5. Barbara Monajem says:

    Wow. What an intense scene!!! Fabulous, Linda. 🙂


  6. Thanks, Barbara. It’s when he’s being made a vampire


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