Legacy of the Stars – New Bianca Swan Book

Bianca has a new novella to be released by Lot’s Cave Publishing soon.  Though this cover has nothing to do with the plot, the publisher has assured me it will sell more books than a sci-fi romance cover for a sci-fi erotic, taboo book. So, here’s the cover for Legacy of the Stars.


What do you think? Intriguing? Sexy definitely.


Asher and Lily dance around committing the forbidden act while their need for each other grows. Again and again, they narrowly escape being caught  but once they have begun their passionate affair, they can’t stop. When his mother tells Asher a  secret about his birth, he must  choose between his destiny and Lily.

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6 Responses to Legacy of the Stars – New Bianca Swan Book

  1. Josie says:

    Yes, both intriguing and sexy. Best wishes!

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  2. Barbara Monajem says:

    Definitely sexy and probably erotic, judging by the cover, but I usually buy a book because of the blurb, rarely the cover. I’ve become cynical about covers — I don’t expect them to reflect the contents of the book. Will you post the blurb another day??

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  3. marymarvella says:

    I know what the secret is and I’m not telling! Sexy cover!

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